Take a look at what is new in ChurchTrac 9!

Here's a highlight of some of the new features...

  • Smart Lists. Create a list of names that dynamically updates itself as new names meet your criteria. Each list is automatically saved and available for quick access on the People screen, saving you from having to search each time you need to specific list or group of names.

  • Improved! Easier Voice Messaging. There's no need to manually record a message and upload it. ChurchTrac can now call and prompt you to record your message before sending it to your list of recipients.

  • New Add Name Screen. We've made it easier to add new names to your database.

  • And dozens of other under-the-hood improvements!

  • Best of all ChurchTrac 9 is FREE for all customers who have an active (not expired) ChurchTrac 8 unlock code! (see details below)

  • Plus we've got even more great additions planned for ChurchTrac 9! In fact, going forward, we'll only be updating and adding new features to ChurchTrac 9. ChurchTrac 8 is not scheduled to receive any further program updates, and older versions, like ChurchTrac 2010 (version 7) have not been updated in several years.

Please read the following before installing ChurchTrac 9:

  • In previous versions of ChurchTrac there were two password security options. ChurchTrac 9 no longer provides the option to choose whether individual screens are password protected or not. This method has been replaced by the newer and more secure option where each user logs in when opening ChurchTrac using their own user name and password. This method allows an Admin user to create multiple user accounts and assign permissions to each user. NOTE: If you use the older method to password protect individual screens, please switch to the newer security method before installing ChurchTrac 9. This change only affects a few users who have not yet switched to the log-in security method.

  • If you already have an active (not expired) ChurchTrac 8 unlock code, there is no charge to upgrade to ChurchTrac 9. Just download and install! (See below if you have a non-expiring unlock code for ChurchTrac 8)

  • If your ChurchTrac 8 unlock code has expired, you may need to renew your unlock code before you can use ChurchTrac 9 with your current data file. Renewing your unlock code gives you access to support, program updates, and free upgrades to new versions, including ChurchTrac 9. Please visit the Renewal Page if your code has expired.

  • If you have less than 100 names (no unlock code), you can install ChurchTrac 9 for free.

  • If you have a ChurchTrac 8 Non-Expiring unlock code, then you should not install ChurchTrac 9. Your non-expiring unlock code will only work with ChurchTrac 8 (it will not work with ChurchTrac 9). You can upgrade your version 8 non-expiring unlock code to a new ChurchTrac 9 Non-Expiring unlock code for 49.99. Please contact support if you'd like to purchase this upgrade. Otherwise, your unlock code will continue to work in ChurchTrac 8 without expiration and without the need for renewal.

  • If you have a ChurchTrac 2010 (version 7) or older unlock code, please see the Purchase page for upgrade pricing. You can install ChurchTrac 9, but it will run in demo mode, only displaying the first 100 names on the People screen and reports. When you purchase a new unlock code for ChurchTrac 9, this limitation is removed.

  • If you use data sharing, every computer in your data sharing network should install ChurchTrac 9. We do not recommend using two different versions of ChurchTrac with the data sharing feature.

  • We may require you to install ChurchTrac 9 in order to receive technical support. Once we release a new version of ChurchTrac, older versions of the software are no longer supported, or support for older versions may be limited. A support fee may apply if your unlock code has expired or if you are using an older version of the software.

Please use your web browser to visit ChurchTrac.com to download and install version 9!

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