The Interactive Map: Our Christmas Gift To You


On this Christmas Eve, we are excited to announce our new awesome feature: Interactive Map

With the Interactive Map Beta, you can view on a map where all of your people live within reference to your church. This amazing tool gives you and your leadership the ability to take your ministry to a whole new level! Some real world applications of this include:

  1. Identifying the best places to start home bible studies or life groups.
  2. Knowing what members live closest to other members to help in times of need or checking in with your elderly members/widows.
  3. Determining what people are closest to future ministry opportunities.
  4. Pairing the right outreach people to guests who visited near their neighborhood.
  5. Finding the best location to open up another church campus.

To use the Interactive Map, go to your People Screen and select “Reports and Labels”.

You can select who you want to include on the Interactive Map. This includes Smart Lists or individual selections of people. Once you’re ready just click “Generate Report” to have your own custom Interactive Map with your people.

*Note* The Interactive Map relies on the data that you input for each person. If the information you input is incorrect or partial, that person may not show up on the Interactive Map. Keep in mind that since Interactive Map is in Beta, some features and functionalities may still need some tweaking.

We can’t wait to see how churches will use the interactive map to grow and keep track of their ministries! We think it’s going to be a big game changer for those that need a quick way to see where all their people are located without having to go through the tedious steps of making a custom Google Map or printing out an oversized hard copy. We can see this being a great time saver for determining who visits who for things like visitation.

We hope you love this new feature and we can’t wait to tell you soon about some exciting new features coming over the horizon!

We want to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas­čî▓ and a Happy New Year! ­čÄë