Using Memorized Transactions

Memorized Transactions allow you to quickly insert the payee into the transaction register, including any memorized categories and amounts that you use for that payee. For example, if you write a check for the same amount every month to a yard service, you can enter the bill as a memorized transaction. When it's time to pay the bill, simply, create a new transaction and select the vendor name from the Payee selection box. ChurchTrac will automatically populate the other fields with the memorized information. You can also set up employee paychecks as memorized transactions, including check amounts and withholding. To create a Memorized Transaction, click on "Memorized Transaction" from the Accounting toolbar. Type the name of the payee or description of the transaction into the "New Memorized Transaction" field and click add. Complete the information requested in the right side window the same as you would for a regular transaction.

Memorized Transactions

Now, when you are ready to write the check to that payee, create a new transaction on the account register and select the payee name from the payee selection box. The memorized amount, category(s), fund(s), notes, etc. will automatically appear. To make permanent changes to the Memorized Transaction, you must make the changes on the Memorized Transaction screen. A one-time change to the amount, category, etc. can be made on the account register.