Giving Entry Tips

This topic will give you some tips for entering giving records.

Each contribution needs to be assigned to a person in your database. The giving entry window has a widget for searching names in your database. After typing a few letters of the person's name, the list will populate with matching people from your database.

Search by Number: You can also search and locate people based on the envelope (or member) number, but it requires a minimum of three digits to initiate the search function. For member numbers that are one or two digits long, you must type one or more zeros before the member number to begin the search. For example, to find the person with member number 5, type 005. To find a person with member number 50, type 050.

We designed the contribution entry window to allow for data entry with little or no use of a mouse. The key is to use the Enter key to move between fields instead of Tab.

To select a name, type three or more letters in the name field. The drop-down list will begin displaying any names in your database that contain those letters. You can then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight a name in the list (you can also tap a name or click with your mouse). When the name you want to use is highlighted, press Enter. The name will be selected and the cursor focus will move to the Amount field. Enter the amount and press Enter, and the cursor focus will move to the category field.

We recommend that you type LastName, FirstName into the search box, although you probably will not have to type the entire name before the correct name appears in the list below. You can also type the first name into the field, and matching names will be listed.

If you need to change the Deductible value, you'll need to use the mouse. Since most contributions are marked as tax-deductible, we skip over this field when using a keyboard for quicker data entry.

Finally, when the cursor focus is on the Memo field, press Enter to add the contribution immediately. Alternatively, you can press Tab (when the focus is on Memo) to jump to the Check Number field (the Check Number field must be enabled in settings for this to work). Now press Enter to Add the contribution and jump back to the name entry list, where you can type to search for the next name.

As you enter contributions, a list of what has been entered will appear at the bottom of the window. This will show you the order that items were entered in, making it easier to go back and double-check your work for accuracy.

Using these procedures, virtually all your contribution entry can be done without using the mouse.