Archiving Names

There are occasions when you want to take an individual off of your active database but don't want to delete their records. Archiving people is a great way to clean up your People Screen and avoid having to sift through individuals that have moved elsewhere, gone to another church, or maybe passed away.

Archived names do not count towards your database total. Always check your People Screen to see if anyone needs to be archived before moving to the next name tier. Keep in mind, that simply making their status Inactive doesn't Archive them.

How to Archive

To Archive a single person or multiple people, check the names of the individual(s) you would like to archive. Once the names are checked, click the ( ) button towards the bottom.

Under the Bulk Edit Options, select "Archive the Checked Names" and click to perform the action.

Restoring Archived Names

If you need to restore an Archived Name, an Admin user will go to:

Settings Admin Settings Archived Names

Restore Archived Names

Once you're in the Archived Names section, you can click the individual(s) that you wish to restore.

We always recommend archiving an individual instead of deleting them outright. Once an individual is deleted from ChurchTrac, their giving and attendance history will be deleted as well.