Getting Started With Member Access

The Member Access feature allows members of your church to access and update their own profiles without having a regular user account. Members can access their own contribution statements, picture directories, and calendar events as well, provided you (the Administrator) have enabled those options.

To help secure your account and data, you must first enter the person's name and email address on the People Screen. Only those names that have been entered on your People Screen with an email address will be able to access and use the Member Access feature.

The Member Access option under Settings allows you to configure how Member Access will work for your church. There are several options and settings available to you:

Additionally, you'll be able to see who has accessed their profile recently. We also provide you with the link that you can share for members to access and update their profiles.

Users will be able to view basic fields and make changes to their own data, and data of other people assigned to their family. Also, any user-defined fields that you have created that have a permission level of "Everyone" will be visible to your membership when they access their profiles.

You won't be able to log into your ChurchTrac account and the Member Access screen at the same time in the same browser, even if those two pages are open in different tabs. To avoid conflicts, you will be logged out automatically from any open sessions when logging in from the same browser.

When a person visits your Member Access link, they will be asked to provide their email address and access code. The member must enter their email address, and that address must match the email address you have entered on the People Screen. The Access code is a secure, randomly generated password that cannot be changed.

If the member does not know their access code, or if they have not previously logged in to Member Access, they will click "I do not know my Passcode...", and we will email them a new access code to the email address you have entered on the People Screen.

Once a member has logged into Member Access, they'll be able to view and update their profile, as well as the profiles of other family members. If you have allowed it in Settings, they will be able to view their contribution history, member directories, and upcoming events.