The 9 things that make us unique
Our Verse
At ChurchTrac, we've adopted Ephesians 4:12 as our verse: " equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ." The heart behind everything we do is helping the local church and church leaders with ministry. In fact, we believe God has called and chosen the local Christian church to impact the world by spreading the message of His son Jesus Christ, and we want to be a part of that mission with you! Your mission is our mission.
Our History
From the beginning, ChurchTrac has been all about helping Christian churches, ministries, and leaders. In 2002, ChurchTrac Show more... founder Byron Tedder was serving on staff at a local church. But his church had a problem...there were more people coming than they could keep up with! Back then (just like today) church software was either expensive, difficult to use, or both.

So, Byron got to work, creating a simple database for keeping track of members and guests. He continued working on his project and it wasn't long before ChurchTrac was born. Fast forward over 20 years later, Byron (and his Team) are still creating and innovating and serving the local church. Today, ChurchTrac is helping over ten thousand churches keep track of their members and guests...and so much more.
Our Mission
To EQUIP the Church, to build the body of Christ.
Our Core Values
At ChurchTrac, our Core Values can be summarized by the word EQUIP.

Excellent Service
We're here to serve God's church and help simplify ministry and administration by providing unrivaled support and resources.
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Quality & Passion
We don't do half-way; mediocre is not in our vocabulary. We are passionate about the local church. We work hard to deliver quality and exceed expectations.
User Friendly
We aim to provide simple, effective solutions for ministry and admin challenges. We seek to be intuitive, helpful, and reliable.
Intentionally Affordable
We could charge more, but we don't need to. We want to be affordable and accessible for ministries of all sizes in all locations.
Partner in Ministry
Your mission is our mission. We're not just a software company; we're a resource for ministry and building up the body of Christ.
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We're Here to Help
Don’t go at it alone. We want to hear your story. What are your challenges and struggles? We are more than software, we are ministry partners. Our team is here to help.
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