We have a lot of really neat features. Perhaps the most impressive is our price.

We know what it's like to serve on the front lines of church ministry. In fact, ChurchTrac was created by a pastor, and today our staff continues to be actively involved in ministry within the local church. That's why we're committed to providing you with the tools you need at a price that's reasonable.

Here's how it works:

  • Sign up for a new account to begin your free trial.
  • No payment or credit card information is needed to get started.
  • Try it out free, for 30 days, on us! If you love it, your price to continue is shown below.
Up to 75 Names
per month
or just $50 per year
Up to 125 Names
per month
or just $100 per year
Up to 250 Names
per month
or just $200 per year
Up to 500 Names
per month
or just $300 per year
Up to 1000 Names
per month
or just $400 per year
Unlimited Names
per month
or just $500 per year
You can archive unused names. Archived names don't count toward the total number of names you can enter.
All Plans Include:
Membership Management
Keep track of people and families. Print directories, send messages1, track important dates.
Giving and Pledges
Track contributions and pledges, generate reports, print contribution statements. Accept online donations and TXT giving2.
Group & Attendance Tracking
Manage groups and track attendance. Print roll sheets and attendance reports.
Nursery/Family Check-In
Secure your children's areas, print security and name labels, track allergies and special needs.
User Accounts and Security
Create users, set access permissions, secure access to your data.
Volunteer and Event Management
Schedule volunteers, online event registration and RSVP, schedule facilities.
Free Technical Support
It's so easy that most of our users never need support, but there's no charge if you do.
Free Import and Backups
We can import your data from a spreadsheet, plus we keep your data safe from disaster with off-site backups.
Member Access
Allow your membership to update their own profiles, print giving statements and directories, view calendar events, and make online donations2.
Plus So Much More!
Including: Name archival, Projects and Tasks, Process Creation and Tracking, Custom People/Family Reports, SHAPE ministry profiles, Notes and Reminders
Add Accounting Features
Enter bank accounts and expenses, print checks, reconcile accounts, import transactions, track fund balances, create budgets, generate payroll for clergy and non-clergy, print reports (including W2s).
You can add
Accounting, Budgeting, and Payroll
to any name plan above for only
more per month or $70 more per year.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pricing

Why are your prices so low?

We get this question a lot. ChurchTrac was created by pastors with a heart for the local church. Our desire is to be a help and a blessing to your ministry. We believe that God has called and chosen the local Christian church to impact the world by spreading the message of His Son Jesus Christ. ChurchTrac Software exists to support the mission of the churches and ministries who share this belief and to equip its leaders to do effective ministry. We are committed to helping Christian churches, ministries and leaders by providing excellent products and support at a price that is super reasonable.

Why are your prices so high?

We get this question some too. We work hard to provide what we think is an amazing product at a reasonable price. On average our prices are about one fourth of what others with similar products charge--and in some cases we charge less than one tenth of what others charge! (And we actually publish our prices!) We try to give you a lot for what you pay too, like outstanding tech support, 24/7 server monitoring, offsite backups, and on-going application development. Plus, we include lots of extras that others charge for, like child check-in, congregation (member) access, and additional user accounts. We don't charge silly fees like setup fees, import fees or support fees.

What if my church can't afford it?

Are you a new church? We love church plants, and we would love to help if we can. Please get in touch with us and we can get you a customized quote to fit your ministry needs and budget.

Do we get a discount for paying yearly?

Absolutely. If you want to pay yearly, then your cost is equal to the monthly price multipled by 10. Paying yearly is like getting two months free!

Do you charge a setup fee? An import fee?

Never have, never will. We think it is just silly to charge a setup fee. Shame on those who do. Some companies charge hundreds of dollars to import your data to their application. We will gladly help you prepare and import your current names to your new account.

Does each individual count toward the number of names I can enter?

Yes, each individual that you enter will count toward the total number of names you can enter with your selected plan. However, you can archive inactive or unused names, and archived names do not count toward the number of names you can enter.

What happens if I need to jump to a higher name tier?

No problem. You can increase your name capacity at any time. We'll just prorate the amount that is due based on your next renewal date using our monthly price schedule.

Have another question? Need help? Visit our Support Page.

1 Email can be sent from ChurchTrac using one of our third-party email partners, or by synchronizing your contacts to MailChimp. We do not charge any additional fees for sending email, but some third party providers may charge you a fee for their services. Many bulk email providers do offer a free option, but most will require that you send bulk messages from a web domain name that you own (e.g.: you@yourchurchname.com). CTO also has the ability to send voice and text messages, and prices start at 5 cents per voice message recipient, and 2.5 cents per text message recipient. To enable SMS messaging, you'll also need to purchase a dedicated phone number which adds $2/month or $20/year when paying yearly. Voice and text messaging features are currently only available in the United States and Canada.
2 We have integrated with Stripe, an online payment processor, for accepting online donations. Stripe charges an industry standard 2.9% plus 30 cents for each credit or debit transaction or 25 cents for each ACH transaction. Stripe does not charge a monthly fee, and we do not charge you any fees for using online giving.

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