Keep Your Church Calendar Organized.

Create events, handle registrations, take attendance....stay organized.
church calendar

Centralized Church Calendar

Stay organized by keeping all your ministry church calendars in one place.

track attendance

Track attendance

Connect people and groups to an event and mark who (or how many) were present.

event registration

Register for Events

Allow people to sign up for upcoming events. You can even create forms with custom fields for online registration.

website integration

Integrate with your website

Easily show your upcoming events on your church website, or use Church Connect to do even more with events.

Other Event Features

Private Events

Create events that are invite-only, and let people respond so you know if they are coming.

Live Attendance Mode

Use a tablet or phone to enter attendance for your event in real-time. Tap attendees and done.

Upcoming Events

Automatically show upcoming events on your Home Screen Dashboard, or on your Church Connect page.

Event URL

Every public event has its own unique web URL and QR code that can be shared with your people.

Take Payments

Create optional paid events where registrants can pay in advance online with their credit card.

Print Roll Sheets

Generate printable attendance sheets for discipleship groups or ​Sunday school attendance.

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