Why Most Church Software is Overrated


Did you know there are over 150 different Church Management Software (ChMS) companies out there? If you google things like “church accounting”, “text in church”, “child check-in” and “church giving software” … you will be bombarded with ads from companies all around the world that are making some sort of a promise. Promises like: “Software designed to help you find … Read More

Contribution Statement Checklist (5 Things)


Before you generate Contribution Statements…there are 5 things you should check over before doing so. Verify Addresses- Make sure you have current addresses for all the people that gave in 2019. The last thing you want to do is send out a Contribution Statement and have it returned because that person has moved. Upload Your Logo- If you want your church/ministry … Read More

The 7 Most Popular Features of ChurchTrac


We often get asked the question… “What does ChurchTrac do?” To this we often reply… “What does your ministry need?” Because ChurchTrac is filled with so many features, it can be a challenge to explain them all in less than a minute. Every ministry is different, and some features in ChurchTrac may not be necessary for them. Here’s a list … Read More

The ChurchTrac 2020 Roadmap


Last year was a big year for us at ChurchTrac. If you didn’t already see it, check out the 2019 Highlights of some of the great things that happened. As much as we would like to bask in the goodness of “all the things” from last year…we have too many great ideas that we want to see come to fruition … Read More

How To Generate Contribution Statements


Despite how different our ministries may be, there is one thing they all have in common… They have to give out year-end statements/contribution statements to all of their donors. If this is your first year using ChurchTrac, you may be asking yourself “how do I print out my contribution statements”? Here’s how: Go to the Giving Screen and select the “Reports” … Read More