Why Your Church Needs Processes


In preparation for our “Trust The Process” webinar, I was asking ministry leaders if they had any Processes at their church. Processes for things like Guest Follow-Up, New Believers, New Members, and so on. About half of them said they did, the other half told me things like: We don’t have time for processes. We have a person who does … Read More

The Adaptable Church


Adaptable is not a word we would have used 6 months ago to describe “the church” as a whole. Prior to the COVID situation, churches were notorious for being unnecessarily rigid, unwilling to change, and slow in their decision making. But that all changed when we couldn’t meet. We had to re-evaluate our processes, embrace new technology, and act fast. If … Read More

Creating a VBS Event Card


As some of us begin to hold services again, we’re getting prepared for another season of VBS. With ChurchTrac, you can create a VBS event and manage all the signups in one place. This is especially helpful as many of our people may still be worshiping remote do to COVID. Giving them the option to register remotely can help with … Read More

How To Podcast Cheat Sheet


At least once a week we get asked this question: How do I podcast? Here at ChurchTrac, we LOVE ❤️ podcasts. That’s why we made this quick article to show you how to podcast. Though we don’t offer podcasting in our software, we think it’s soo important that your church/ministry has a podcast for your people to listen to. Here’s a quick … Read More

Inspiration For Your Connect Page


As easy as it is to create a Connect Page, sometimes it’s nice to get some inspiration from others that have done it before us. Don’t worry fam, we’ve got your back! Getting started, we would recommend checking out our very own Demo Page that we created HERE. This demo page has a good mix of Form Cards, Link Cards, … Read More

Are Church Apps Worth It?


You’ve probably googled this or asked another ministry friend this question. Wouldn’t it be sweet to have your very own church phone app that all your people can download? Something that enables them to give, listen to a sermon, register for events, and more? Your people would love it!  Are church apps cool?  YAAAS! Are they worth it for your … Read More

Adding Church Connect To Your Phone’s Home Screen


Did you know your people can save your Church Connect page directly to their home screen as a shortcut? This makes it super easy to access your Connect Page from a mobile device and be kept in the loop with what’s happening in your ministry. Below are the directions for both IOS and Android Devices… Adding Church Connect to an … Read More

The Remote Church- Coming Back Stronger


If you asked me 3 months ago if I was attending the remote church service, I would have looked at you strangely. Why would I watch a church service at home when I could hop in my car and be present for the real thing? Fast forward to now, and we’re all living this remote life. Many ministries have fully … Read More

Interactive Devotionals with Church Connect

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Everybody loves a good devotional. They’re like little nuggets of truth that we can apply to our daily lives. Chances are, you and your church people all have one or two that you like to read on a regular basis.  Right now there are a multitude of devotionals available. Whether it’s a daily women’s bible study with Beth Moore, a daily … Read More

The Remote Church- Live-Streaming


WARNING: This article contains humor, movie references, and sarcasm. Like many of you, some of us at ChurchTrac are going a little stir crazy from being inside all day and we need a little laughter to get us through. Enjoy 😂 With most of us going remote, live streaming is becoming a reality for many pastors that have never live … Read More