Life is better with Groups.


Having your church packed out on a Sunday morning to hear the preacher preach is great! Having your church packed out with multiple small groups of people being discipled takes it to a whole new level.

It is within these smaller group settings that people are able to pray for each other, share burdens, spark conversation, dissect the Word of God and keep one another accountable. These groups are where friendships are formed and active ministry happens. Show me a strong church, and I’ll show you all the small groups in that church that are actively being the hands and feet of the body of believers.

At ChurchTrac we believe small groups are so important for the well being and long term growth of a church. Because of this, we made it super easy to add new groups or classes with just a few clicks. Whether it is a new Sunday School class or a small group that meets at a home, Groups are a BIG deal!

To add a new group simply log into your Admin account and click the “Groups” tab on your home screen. From there you can manage your current groups as well as add additional groups or classes.

Having various groups will enable you to keep track of their attendance. This is very helpful in knowing who’s there and isn’t there so you can actively reach out to your people and keep them plugged in. It’s far easier to empower your group leaders to keep track of this so they can stay in touch with their small group/class. By empowering your group leaders to manage your groups, your pastor can rest assured knowing they are not being forgotten and left by the wayside.

Go forth and get in a group!