Virtual Connect Cards


Whether it’s on the back of a pew or behind a chair, many ministries use some sort of “Connect Card” to connect with their people. These cards are used for: Guest follow-up Volunteer signups Prayer requests Giving & more… As we continue to navigate through COVID and keep our people safe, many of us have greatly limited or completely eliminated … Read More

Using Age Categories


You probably knew that ChurchTrac has built-in Age Categories. Did you know that you can edit and auto-assign them as well? What are Age Categories? Age Categories are selection fields built into ChurchTrac that give you an easy way to organize groups of people by their age. You can have as many (or as little) as you’d like. Upon adding … Read More

Creating Smart Lists With Tags


Tags are already a great way to organize your people. So great in fact, that we’re seeing many churches convert a large number of their User Defined Fields over to Tags. Using Tags with Smart Lists, that’s taking things to the next level! View people with a Tag The People Screen already makes it easy to bring up people that … Read More

Should I use User Defined Fields or Tags?


Keeping track of church people is never an easy task. Like a fingerprint, every person is unique and has their own unique talents, strengths, family, and past experience. We have to quickly determine what information is important to keep track of as well as figure out a way to organize our people into Smart Lists and more! When churches start … Read More

Guest Follow-Up: A Team Effort


When it comes to following up with guests that visit our church, it’s a team effort. You can have a great guest follow-up without a team. For example, you or your pastor may be amazing at connecting with guests and first time visitors. You could have a person in charge of a welcome center that really “kills” it with connecting … Read More

Guest Follow-up: Tags & Member Status


When adding a Guest to the People Screen, we need to be able to “set them apart” in our database for follow-up. The Member Status field and Tags let us do just that. But which should you use?  We say both.  Tags Vs Member Status On the surface level, Tags and Member Status look identical.  They’re both customizable You can … Read More

Guest Follow-up: Email


How important is guest follow-up? Answer: SUPER IMPORTANT. So important that we’re dedicating multiple articles to it and how you can use ChurchTrac to both create and track your Guest Follow-Up Process. Today, we want to focus exclusively on Email.  Is Email still relevant?  We get asked this question a lot. For good reason too. Email has been around since … Read More

Why Your Church Needs Processes


In preparation for our “Trust The Process” webinar, I was asking ministry leaders if they had any Processes at their church. Processes for things like Guest Follow-Up, New Believers, New Members, and so on. About half of them said they did, the other half told me things like: We don’t have time for processes. We have a person who does … Read More

5 Reasons to use Worship|Scheduling


ChurchTrac is packed with a lot of great features to help you plan your worship services and schedule volunteers. Because there are so many great things that are included, it’s hard to really outline every single feature and what it’s capable of. So instead, we’ll highlight our top 5! Our 5 favorite Worship & Scheduling Features: 1. Side-By-Side Side-By-Side enables … Read More

Switching to ChurchTrac Online Giving


If you’re using another Online Giving provider… listen up 👂 There has never been a better time than now to switch to ChurchTrac Online giving for all of your Church Donations. Here’s why: 1. ChurchTrac Online Giving has no monthly fee- That’s right! There is no monthly fee for using ChurchTrac Online Giving as it’s already included with all Paid ChurchTrac … Read More