Toolbar Style


With the new release of ChurchTrac came many great changes on the outside and “under the hood”. One of those changes that you might not be aware of is the Toolbar Style. Like before, ChurchTrac gives you two options of how to display your Toolbar. To change the Toolbar Style you are using, go to Settings > [username] Preferences > … Read More

Sending Texts With ChurchTrac


Did you know that you can text message your people directly from ChurchTrac? Call us biased, but text messaging has long been one of our favorite features since we came out with it years ago. Now we’ve taken text messaging to a new level with the introduction of toll-free numbers, reduced credit pricing, and recent message logs. Why Use ChurchTrac … Read More

Still Using An Older Plan? Check Out These Features…


Just recently, we’ve launched some great changes and upgrades to ChurchTrac that are already being enjoyed by thousands of ministries. Though many of those features are available to all, there are many features and upgrades that are not available on our retired plans. Here’s a quick overview of some of those features that our ministries using the retired plans are … Read More

We Have a New Logo!


We’re about to introduce you to a new version of ChurchTrac…we think you’re going to love it! But first, we want to introduce you to our new logo! For many years, our branding has pretty much been just our name “ChurchTrac”, or just the “C” and “T”. But with our new logo we’re finally able to communicate more about our … Read More

What’s New In ChurchTrac?


We have quite a few big changes coming on October 8! If you haven’t already read the New Release FAQs article yet, take a moment and read that first. That article introduces some of the changes that are coming to your ChurchTrac account, and this article dives into a little more detail of what the new changes look like and … Read More

New Release FAQs


We’re getting closer to next month’s release of the new ChurchTrac redesign. We cannot wait for you to see all the new features/changes that we’ve made to make ChurchTrac that much more awesome[er] for all of our users. We want to take a few moments to give some answers to the big questions that we’ve been getting asked. We are … Read More

Closed Labor Day


Our support offices will be closed Labor Day (Sep 2) as we enjoy time with friends and family. We will resume normal business hours the following day. Have a safe and fun Labor Day!

Upcoming ChurchTrac Redesign


Over the past few years, we’ve added lots of great features and upgrades to the Church Software that you know and love. We’ve pioneered many of the valuable tools that enable churches to keep track of giving, take attendance, do clergy payroll and more. Feedback from users like you has molded ChurchTrac into the User-Friendly Church Management Software that’s used … Read More

Support and Beyond

ChurchTracFeatures, Resources

We know that no matter how User-Friendly software is, change isn’t always easy. That’s why we work hard to provide you with the best support possible to help you learn how to navigate through the ins and outs of ChurchTrac. Between our Online User-Guide and our Support Team, we have got your back! The ChurchTrac support team is now available … Read More

Blessed Subtraction


Frank has been going to your church for 15 years now. He was there 2 pastors before you, and he makes sure that you know it with his backhanded compliments about your sermons.  In the worship service, Frank sits in the back in a chair all to himself by choice. He prefers to be alone in the service so that … Read More