Text Messaging Announcement


If you currently use ChurchTrac text messaging or are thinking about using it, this announcement about Toll-Free numbers is for you.

As of right now, most cell carriers are blocking mass text messaging from local area numbers. This is due to a large amount of fraud and abuse that has taken place over the years via text messaging. If you are still sending text messages with a dedicated local SMS number from ChurchTrac, you are being directly affected. Churches using these numbers need to switch over to either a shared or dedicated Toll-Free number to ensure that their text messages are reaching their people.

How can I tell if I have a local SMS or a Toll-Free number?

Go to PEOPLE > MESSAGING > SEND A TEXT MESSAGE. From there, you will see in the blue announcement section what number and type of number is assigned to you.


If you already have a shared or dedicated Toll-Free number, no action is required. If you do not, create a support ticket ASAP and let us know that you need to have your number switched so that we can get this process started.

Want to know the benefits of ChurchTrac Texting and the difference between dedicated and shared Toll-Free numbers? Check out this blog post HERE.

Till next time 👋