You’re Going to Want to Read This…

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We’ve made a lot of changes at ChurchTrac recently, and I think you’re going to like it. We asked one simple question: What can we do to be a better resource for churches? Here’s some of what we came up with.

We wanted you to have the ability to “undelete” data. We would often encounter a question where someone had deleted a record (or lots of records) inadvertently and wanted to know how to get them back. So we’ve added the ability to restore deleted records that have been removed in the past 10 days. If you need to go back more than that, we can help. So now, when you delete a record, it is put in a “recycle bin” and can be recovered, if necessary.

We’ve also added the ability to archive unused or unneeded names. If you have a lot of inactive names in your database, you’ll notice that these names still show up on the People screen. When a name is archived, it allows you to file it away, removing it from the People screen and other screens, without losing that person’s data. If at any point in the future you need that name again, it takes just a few seconds to unarchive it. And the best part is that archived names don’t count toward the total number of names you can enter with your selected plan!

The archive feature is available to any of our customers who are on our newest pricing plans. If you’ve been a customer with us for a while, you’re probably on one of our older pricing plans, so the new price-per-tier may be a little higher than what you’ve paid in the past. However, by switching to our newer pricing plans, it will add the ability to archive names, and after archiving you may be able to drop to a lower tier on your next renewal. Contact us and we’ll see if switching to our newest plans can save you some money.

We know that a lot of your serve in smaller churches…and for many, finances are tight. Because of this, we created a new “half price” name tier option for up to 75 names. If you currently have about 75 active names or less in your database, you’ll be able to save several dollars a month by switching to this new tier. Plus, this tier includes the ability to archive unused or unneeded names too.

Before we added the new 75 name tier, the lowest tier we offered was 100 names. For those on our new pricing plans, we’re replacing the 100 name option with a new tier that allows up to 125 names. So, if you are currently on our 100 or 250 name tier and think the 125 option might be a good fit for your church, let us know and we can switch you to it for your next renewal. Again, all the tiers on the new pricing plans, including the 75 and 125 name tiers, have the ability to archive unused names.

Also, we’re now including congregation access and child check-in on all our plans. Previously, these features were only available in our “Deluxe” package. Congregation access gives your people to the ability to view and edit their own profile, as well as print their own contribution statements and church directories. Our check-in screen works with the Attendance feature to help secure your nursery and children’s areas, but it also works great for checking in families as they arrive. You can generate security labels (with allergy warnings), name tags, and more.

We’re also rolling out an ACH option for online giving in the next few days. If you use our online giving feature, your donors will be able to select ACH as an option when giving, which means lower processing fees for you.

We have even more great stuff planned for the coming months. As always, we want to equip you with the tools you need to do better ministry. We want to make sure these tools are both accessible and affordable–that’s why we created ChurchTrac, and that’s why we’ll continue to make it better. Ephesians 4:12