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Adding a Google Calendar

We provide a way for you to sync your Google Calendar with your current ChurchTrac Calendar. This will display a Read-Only view of your Google Calendar events on ChurchTrac. In order for your Google Calendar to display on ChurchTrac, you will need to make it public from your online Google settings.   google calendar
Once you log into your Google account go to: Settings > Calendars > Sharing Settings Once you have clicked the checkbox to make it public, make sure you click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen. Before you can go back to set up your public calendar in ChurchTrac, you will need to locate your Google Calendar's ID. This can be found by clicking on 'Calendar Details' as shown in the picture above, and then scrolling down to the Calendar Address section. google address

Tip: Make sure you write down your Google Calendar ID, as you will need to place that information into a field in ChurchTrac.

Creating a Google Calendar in ChurchTrac

Now that your Google Calendar is public, you will want to create a calendar within ChurchTrac, linking the two together. It is as simple as creating a new calendar in the Edit Calendars window, but only this time, you will choose Google Calendar instead of Database Calendar. churchtrac google

Tip: When viewing the Google Calendar events on the ChurchTrac Calendar screen, you will notice they are underlined and clickable. Clicking on these events will take you to the Google interface to update the details.

Once the Google Calendar is linked to your ChurchTrac calendar, anytime you create/edit/update an even on the Google side, it will automatically update ChruchTrac. It does so with a lightning quick response time too!