Why should I use ChurchTrac Online Giving?

If your ministry is not taking donations online, now is a great time to start. Setting up online giving in ChurchTrac can be done in just a few minutes!

Benefits of Online Giving

Donations through Online Giving automatically appear in your Giving Screen.

This saves you a great deal of time in keeping track of all your giving transactions. You don't need to manually add or import transactions from a third party into the ChurchTrac Giving Screen.

Online donations are safer than handling cash donations.

There are many risks when handling cash donations. The most obvious of these risks is theft. On top of theft, you often have money changing hands between many people. This requires a heavy amount of accountability for all the people involved. Online Giving minimizes theft and eliminates the changing of hands.

People who give online tend to give more.

When you make it easy for your people to give, they tend to give more abundantly. This comes in the form of larger one-time donations and more regular giving.

Overall giving increases for churches that use Online Giving

Churches and ministries that make online giving available to their people typically experience an increase in overall giving. And just because you have online giving doesn't mean that you stop passing the offering plate. Online giving gives your people another option that is quick, easy, and convenient.

Myths of Online Giving

Online Giving is expensive.

ChurchTrac doesn't charge anything for online giving (unlike other companies that charge you a monthly fee just to enable online giving PLUS processing fees). Your only cost is the processing fee that Stripe will charge for each transaction - about 3% for credit card transactions, or a flat $0.25 for each ACH (e-check) transaction. We also include text giving at no extra charge.

Only younger people give online.

People of all ages give online. In fact, the largest segment of online donors is over the age of 50!

Online Giving is hard to set up.

Online Giving can be set up for your ministry in just a couple minutes. Once you have your account setup and people start giving online, you will start to see your first deposit into your bank account within a few business days.

Online Giving is hard to use.

We've made Online Giving so easy to use that even non-tech people will be able to master it quickly. Whether they're giving once, setting up recurring giving, or checking their giving history, all your people will be able to navigate things quickly.

Online Giving won't change how much my people give.

We've never spoken to a ministry that did not see a positive change in their overall giving after using ChurchTrac Online Giving.

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