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Entering Notes

You can use the Notes Tab to record notes or important date-related entries for people and families. For example, you can write memos regarding contacts with the family, visits to the church, or notes regarding visits or follow-up efforts. These notes can be assigned to the person selected on the people list or to the individual's entire family.

Adding a Note

To add a Note, click on the Notes Tab on the right side of the People Screen. Then select either the "New Note" button at the top or bottom of the list. Today's date will automatically appear in the Date field, but you can change the date by clicking on it and selecting the desired date from the pop-up calendar. Then select the Note Category for the note you are creating such as: note, first visit, call made, visit made, prayer request, confidential note, etc. Type the note in the large text box. Choose whether or not this Note applies to the individual only or the entire family. You may also choose to have this note appear as a reminder on the Home screen. Then click "Save Note." creating a new note

Editing/Deleting a Note

To edit or delete an existing Note, click on the Note that you want to change. Then click either "Edit Note" or "Delete Note" as needed. editing or deleting a note

Note Categories

Note Categories are used to categorize the type of Notes entered for the purpose of setting different permission levels (providing more privacy for some information) and for printing Note Category specific reports, for example printing a list of all first time visitors for your visitation night.

To create your own Note Categories, click on "Edit Note Categories" option. Type the new Note Category Name in the "Add A New Option" field at the bottom of the window, and click "Add." The new Note Category will appear in the list. Next select who can view the information in that category type. The default permission level is "Volunteers and Above," but you may want to set the permission level higher for Note Categories dealing with more personal or confidential information.

To edit a Note Category, open this same window and click on the field you want to change. Click the trashcan if you want to delete the category option. note categories

Using the Notes Tab for Follow-Up Visitation

The Notes tab is a great tool to use for your follow-up visitation program. Note Categories such as first visit, call made, and visit made can help you keep track of your prospects and where you are in the follow-up process. note example

In this example, Suzie Sample visited for the first time last Sunday. On Monday their visitation card was recorded, and a "First Visit" Note was made. On Tuesday a report of "First Visit" Notes was printed, and Suzie Sample came up as prospects for the evening visitation program. She was visited, but no one was home. So a "Visit Made" note was created along with a message saying no one was home. The next Sunday, Suzie was not at church. So during the week the pastor called to check on her. He found out that she had been out of town helping her mom because she had heart surgery. She is still interested in the church, so the pastor invited her to Sunday School as well. Two notes were then made a "Call Made" Note with details from the phone call, and a "Prayer Request" Note about Suzie's mom recovering from heart surgery.

Notes Tab Reports

From the People Screen, you can create various Note Reports by clicking on "Reports & Labels" in the top toolbar and selecting "Note Reports" from the white box. Select your report options and click on the "Generate Report" button. note reports