Projects and Tasks

The Projects and Tasks feature allows you to create multiple Projects, as well as tasks for those projects. It can help you to get your To Do list and staff organized. Additionally, if you use the Process Tracking feature on the People Screen, you have the ability to automatically create tasks relating to a process, and assign those tasks to the appropriate user.

Creating Projects

ChurchTrac enables you to create an unlimited number of projects. To create a project, select “ Projects” button on the Project and Tasks tab and the select the “New Project” button to create a new project. 

New Project 1

New Project 2

All Tasks must be assigned to a Project. Create your Project first before creating any Tasks.

Creating Tasks

To create a task, select "Create a New Task". You will be prompted to both name the task and assign it to the project of your choosing. 

New Task 1

New Task 2

Using Tasks

After the task has been created, you can edit it by selecting the task. On task edit, you are given the ability to rename the task, assign it to a different project, mark a due date, set a priority, and assign it to the user of your choosing. 

Edit Tasks

For tasks that are more detailed or require more steps, you can create subtasks which can be individually checked off. There is also a Notes section as well as a Comments section for your entire team to collaborate.