Using the Home Screen

When you log in, your Home screen is displayed. The Home screen will display important account messages, like payment due notices or other important news from ChurchTrac. Your Home screen will also display a Verse of the Day, upcoming events and birthdays, and a Dashboard comprised of statistics that you can configure from your database. The Projects and Tasks section on the Home screen allows you to maintain a To Do list for yourself or other users.

Additionally, the Home screen is where you access your personal and account settings. Simply click "Settings" on the toolbar, then click on of the items in the Settings menu (Account Administrators will have more options in the Settings menu than standard users).

Home Screen

Configuring Application Settings

The first item in the Settings menu is the "Your Preferences" window. This screen allows each user to choose their preferences relating to colors, features, and other interface options.

For larger screens, we offer two toolbar style options. The "Condensed" style is shown above. You can choose which style you like best in Your Preferences General Preferences.

There are other configuration options available from the Settings menu, including:

Projects and Tasks

The Projects and Tasks feature allows you to create multiple Projects, as well as tasks for those projects. It can help you to get your To Do list and staff organized. Additionally, if you use the Process Tracking feature on the People screen, you have the ability to automatically create tasks relating to a process, and assign those tasks to the appropriate user.