Setting Up Online Giving

ChurchTrac's Online Giving is a powerful tool that enables your church to take donations online and have them seamlessly be recorded on your Giving Screen.

How to enable Online Giving

To enable Online Giving, click "Settings", then "Online Giving".

Contribution Statements

You will be prompted to set up your Online Giving Account. Make sure you have your church's EIN number as well as the church's' bank account and routing number. Upon clicking "Setup Your Online Giving Account", you will be taken to to complete the process of setting up your account.

If you already have a account, there will be a link on the upper right of the page to sign-in with your Stripe credentials.

Once you complete the process of creating your Stripe account, you can go back to the Online Giving Screen. From here you can copy your unique Online Giving link to place on your website or social media page. You can also create a custom Online Giving Message that will be displayed on the Online Giving page.

Contribution Statements

Categories used for Online Giving

You can specify which Categories will be displayed as Online Giving options. Go to GIVING Categories, and for each category there is a drop-down selection box for "Use for Online Giving?" Select YES to have that category offered as an online donation option.

Fees for Online Giving will subtract 2.9% plus 30 cents for each successful credit or debit card donation that is made (including Text Giving), or a flat 25 cents for each ACH/Checking contribution that is made, to cover their processing fees. ChurchTrac does not charge any additional fees above that. There are no additional setup or monthly fees.

Using Online Giving

Donors can log in as a Member of your church, or as a Guest. If their email address is previously entered in your ChurchTrac account, members can log in and have the option to make a donation using one of three methods: Credit/Debit Card, Text Giving, or from an ACH/Checking account. Members can set up recurring donations for credit/debit cards only, but recurring options for text giving and ACH/Checking are not offered.

Text Giving is an option already built into the Online Giving link for members who log in. It is one of the tabs as a selection option for the Donor to choose from.

If someone donates as a Guest, and is not registered in your ChurchTrac database, their only method of donation is with a one-time credit/debit card. Text giving and ACH/Checking are not offered to Guests.

Risks of Online Giving: As a church, you are liable to pay any chargebacks due to fraudulent charges. These chargebacks can range anywhere from $10-$20 each time they are done.The best way to combat chargebacks due to fraudulent charges is to proactively refund donations ASAP. It is significantly cheaper to eat the cost of a transaction than it is to have a chargeback.
If you encounter any issues with actual fund transactions such as bank deposits, status of donations, refunds, etc., please contact ChurchTrac does not have access to your financial data.