Interactive Map

With the Interactive Map, you can view on a map where all of your people are located within reference to your church. This amazing tool gives you and your leadership the ability to take your ministry to a whole new level! Some real-world applications of this include:

  • Identifying the best places to start home bible studies or life groups.
  • Knowing what members live closest to other members to help in times of need or checking in with your elderly members/widows/widowers.
  • Determining what people are closest to future ministry opportunities.
  • Pairing the right outreach people to guests who visited near their neighborhood.
  • Finding the best location to open up another church campus.

Using the Interactive Map

  1. Go to your People Screen.
  1. Select the Reports Tab.
  1. Choose the people you would like to include in the Map.
  1. Select the Interactive Map as the Report Type.

The Interactive Map gives you the ability to zoom in/out as well as hover over each location marker. This helps you quickly identify the individuals on your map with regards to your ministry.

A person must have a valid address to appear on the Interactive Map. The Interactive map will only show locations in the United States and Canada.
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