User-Defined Fields

In addition to the existing fields on the People Screen, you can also create and edit your own individual and family User-Defined Fields. In ChurchTrac, you can create an unlimited number of these custom fields.

Creating User-Defined Fields

To create a new User-Defined Field, click on "User-Defined Fields" on the People Screen toolbar. The "User-Defined Fields" window will open and allow you to get started.

1. Select which type of field you want to create: individual (information only applies to the individual person) or family (information applies to the entire family).

2. Select your Field Type. Once the field type is set, it cannot be changed.

  • The Yes/No Option automatically sets "yes" or "no" as the options to choose from the selection box.
  • The Small Text Box gives you a one-line field to enter text (up to 100 characters).
  • The Large Text Box gives you a large box to enter text (up to 500 characters).
  • The Selection List allows you to create a list of responses, which the user can select from the selection box.
    *You will not be able to add your list selections until you have first created the field. Once the field has been created you can add your list selections by clicking the field type.
  • The PDF File option allows you to import a single PDF file such as youth permissions slips, security background checks, etc. to keep on record.
  • The Date (w/ year required) option allows you to select a specific date from a pop up calendar.
  • The Date (w/ year optional) allows you to just select the month and day. Perfect for anniversaries!
  • The Checklist option allows for multiple selections to be recorded for this field.

New User Defined Fields

3. Click the "Add Field" button.

4. For some field types, you have the option of selecting a Default Value for the field. When a new name is added to the database, the default value will automatically be assigned for those fields. For example, if the Newsletter Recipient field is set to default to "Yes," then all families added AFTER the default value has been set will be put on the newsletter mailing list.

  • Default values do not have to be set at all. They can remain blank.
  • They can be manually changed for an individual or family by simply "editing" that field on the People Screen.

5. Set the permission level for the field to establish which users can access it. If a user does not have access to the field, it will be hidden from them when they are logged in.

Editing a User-Defined Field

To edit a User-Defined Field, select the type of field you want to change: Individual or Family. Then click on the field name to edit the entry. Only the field name, default value, and permission level can be changed.

The field type cannot be edited because the information already entered in that field would be incompatible with the new field type. The only way to change the field type would be to delete the field entirely, create a new field with the new field type, and manually re-enter the information for all of the individuals or families already in the database.
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