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Smart Lists

You can use a "Smart List" to quickly see a list of names that meet a set of criteria. For example, you might create a Smart List that will show you everyone who is a Member of your church, or you can create a list that shows those who have joined since the beginning of the year. As new names are added to your database that meets the Smart List's criteria, those names will automatically appear when viewing the Smart List.

Creating/Editing Smart Lists

To create a new Smart List, open the People screen and click on "Smart Lists" in the top toolbar. Click on the add a "New Smart List" button and type in a name for your new list in the "Smart List Name" field. Next, click the "Add Criteria" button to begin adding the criteria for your list. You'll find there are dozens of criteria and options that you can choose from when creating your Smart List...even the User-Defined fields that you have created become criteria options for your Smart Lists.

When creating a Smart List, you must designate whether to include names that "Match ALL of the following" criteria or names that "Match ANY of the following" criteria. If you've added two or more criteria to your Smart List, this determines whether a name must match all of the criteria to be included in your list, or if the name will be included if it only matches one of the criteria.

creating and editing smart lists

In this example, a Smart List was created to include members who have joined after Jan. 1, 2015 AND have not completed a new membership class. This list can be used to contact these people to invite them to the next new member class. You can also create a Smart List containing one or more other Smart Lists. To begin, create a New Smart List.

When you add a new criterion, select "Smart List" from the list of options. Then select "Equals" and the name of the existing Smart List you want to include. This feature allows you to conduct more advanced lists of criteria. For example, you may need to send an email to the people who participate in the Bus Ministry and the Food Ministry. To do this select each of these independent Smart List names as criteria, and ChurchTrac Online will create a list of all the names in both lists without duplication.

smart list using multiple smart lists

To edit a Smart List, highlight the name of the existing list in the white box. The existing criteria cannot be edited. You must first delete the criteria you want to change by clicking the blue 'X' next to it, and then click "Add Criteria" to create the new criteria. You can sort the list of Smart Lists, by clicking on the name you want to move and holding the mouse button down as you "drag and drop" the name into the order you want it to appear.

Using Smart Lists

When you view a Smart List, ChurchTrac Online will display all the names that currently meet the criteria you have specified for that list. Smart Lists can be displayed on the People Screen, as well as be used for reports, labels, messaging and even to create a Group -- accessible on the Groups and Attendance Screens. To do this, select the Smart List from the filter list on the People Screen. Once the desired list of names is showing, click the "Bulk Edit" icon at the bottom of the people list. Select "Add the Checked Names to the following group" option in the pop up window. Then pick the type of group, name, etc.; click "Perform this Action;" and type "YES" to create this group.

saving smart lists as a group

Setting a Default Smart List for the People Screen

Each user can specify the default Smart List that will be displayed each time the People screen is opened. This would allow the youth minister, for example, to view the Smart List containing only the youth names each time the People screen is opened. To do this open the Home screen and click on Settings, then click on Your Preferences People Screen Preferences.

setting default smart list for the people screen

The other lists, such as "Everyone" can still be accessed by selecting it from the Smart List selection box above the people list. But when you click away from the People screen and later come back to it, the default Smart List will again be displayed.

You can also limit the permissions on a user account so that it can only view the names from Smarts Lists that you specify. To set a user's Smart List permissions, go to the Home screen and click Settings User Accounts.