Lyrics and Chords

Each song card in your Song Library will display a snippet of the song's lyrics (this makes it easier to search your library for songs). You can easily add lyrics to a song in your library. Optionally, you can also add chords to your lyrics, and transpose those chords for your musicians.

When importing a new song from SongSelect, you can also import the song lyrics (if your SongSelect subscription supports this).

Adding Lyrics

You can add lyrics to any existing song, or when adding a new song to your library. To add lyrics to an existing song, click a song card in your Song Library, then click the Lyrics|Chords tab.

Add Lyrics and Chords

Use the text box to type or paste in lyrics for a song. When adding lyrics you have a few options. First, you could add just a small sample of the song's lyrics, like the chorus, or the beginning few lines of the song. The lyrics will appear on the song card in your library, making it easy to search and locate the song you're looking for. You can also add the full lyrics for a song. Keep in mind that the song card in your library will only display the first few lines of the lyrics.

Add Lyrics and Chords

Adding Chords

Alternatively, you can use the lyric text box to type or paste in chords and lyrics for a song. When using chords, you will alternate between a line of chords, followed by a line of lyrics. The chords should be spaced appropriately above the word or syllable of the corresponding lyric line below.

When using chords, do not mix chords and lyrics on the same line, and avoid adding anything that is not a chord to a line that contains chords.

The only non-alphanumeric characters allowed on chord lines is # and / (forward slash) used to show a chord with a bass note like G/B. ChurchTrac should be able to automatically identify lines that contain chords, and will remove them from lyric previews on your song cards in your library.

Add Lyrics and Chords

Always make sure that chords (that don't have a sharp or flat after them are followed by at least two spaces, otherwise the chords might get smushed together when transposed.

Transposing Chords

When your chords charts are added into the Lyric|Chords editor in the proper format, they can quickly be transposed by you and your worship team. To transpose, select the "Transpose/Print" button under the editor.

Add Lyrics and Chords

For chords to be transposed correctly, their original key must match the Key selected for the song.

The chord transposing screen will open in either a separate tab or window, giving you the option to select which key you would like to transpose to. You can then print this transposed chord chart to be used for later.

Add Lyrics and Chords

Your Worship Team also has access to the chord transposing features through Church Connect. This feature works on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Due to the screen size limitations of a smartphone, you may have to turn your device into landscape mode to see the entire width of the chord chart.

Add Lyrics and Chords

While you can add transposable chords to your lyrics, you might prefer to upload PDF files of chord charts, lead sheets, or other resources for your musicians. This allows for more control over what files and arrangements are available to your team for rehearsals and worship services.
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