Using the Song Library

The Song Library gives you the ability to search for songs by keywords and Tags, "star" your favorite songs, and organize your songs into Collections.

Searching Songs

ChurchTrac gives you the ability to search your entire song library by song name, lyric, Tag, and Composer/Artist. You can even limit your search to a particular key if needed as well!

Using the Song Library

When you want to search your entire song library, make sure that you are searching "all songs" as opposed to only a single Collection.

"Starred" Songs

Need a quick way mark certain songs as your favorites? Simply click the star icon next to the song title and that song will automatically be added to your starred songs. At anytime you can "unstar" a song by clicking the star icon again.

Using the Song Library

Song Collections

Song Collections let you organize your songs in a way that helps you find the songs you need quickly and easily. We find that many worship leaders make Collections for special seasons like Christmas or Easter.  You can create Song Collections for anything really--your favorite songs, Easter songs, Christmas songs, and so on.

Should I use a Collection or a Song Tag?
Collections and Song Tags both allow you to quickly filter your Song Library, showing only the relevant or matching songs. For example, you can create a collection named "Christmas Songs" and click on it to instantly view all your Christmas songs, or you can tag each song with the word "Christmas" and use the search box to locate all the matching songs. It's really up to you and what works best for you organization system!

To create a Song Collection, click the "Add Collection" button.

Using the Song Library

Once you have a collection created, you can add songs to it by selecting the "Edit" button located under your collections.

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