Worship Outlines

We don't need a schedule to worship, but it does certainly help when it involves others. Creating a worship outlines enables you to quickly and easily plan your worship service and to share music and information with everyone involved.

Foundation of a Worship Outline

A Worship Outline consists of two things: Songs and (Other) Service Elements. Service Elements include sections such a Welcome Time, Prayer, Scripture Reading, Sermons & more. You can edit your list of Elements by going to the Setup page and selecting Service Elements. The Songs that you use in your Worship Outline come directly from your Song Library.

Building a Worship Outline

To add Service Elements or Songs to your Worship Outline, click the "Add Service Items" button located above your Worship Outline. From here,you can add one or multiple Service Elements or Songs at once. Once you have selected the item(s) you wish to include, select the "Add Service Items" button.

Worship Outlines

Editing Service Elements & Songs

After you have added your Service Items, you can edit each of them to include the time duration, who is leading that item, and add a memo. For Songs, you have even more options. You can edit the key signature used in this service, view resources (such as links and files that you've uploaded), and even choose from a list of suggested songs to add to your outline!

Worship Outlines

Re-arranging Item Order

You can rearrange the order of the items by clicking the arrows to the right of the item and dragging it up or down to the desired position in your worship outline.

Worship Outlines

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