Customize your Connect Page URL


Just a couple days ago, our developers pushed an update that now allows you to customize your Church Connect Link URL. Now you can select a keyword for your church to customize your sub-domain. This now makes it easy to quickly tell your people your Connect Page URL in person. To customize your URL, go to SETTINGS > CHURCH CONNECT … Read More

The Remote Church- 4 Things We Need To Do


As we all continue to adjust to doing church remotely, we’re getting bombarded by ads and people telling us how to do ministry during these uncertain times. Here’s just a snippet of what we’ve been told multiple times over the past few weeks… “If you’re not podcasting now, you should be.”  “You’re not doing online giving yet?” “Is your Church … Read More

Online Giving Webinar


This Wednesday, we will be holding webinars for ChurchTrac Online Giving. If you have not started using ChurchTrac Online Giving, just recently started using ChurchTrac Online Giving, or want to learn more about our new Online Giving Features…this webinar is for YOU! For this webinar, we’re going to cover… Why you should be using Online Giving and its benefits How … Read More

Church Connect Webinars


A couple days ago we launched Church Connect. From countless phone calls and demos with pastors…we knew it was going to be a big deal. As we anticipated, hundreds of ministries have jumped right in and started using their Connect Page for Online Giving, registering for events, submitting forms and more! We will be holding 30 minute Webinars to showcase … Read More

Online Giving Updates


Online Giving has had some serious upgrades to go along with Church Connect. These upgrades are a HUGE deal for ministries using ChurchTrac Online Giving and ministries that are considering Online Giving. Here’s what they are… 1. Online Giving and Church Connect share the same login If you are using Church Connect, your people will give through your Connect Page. … Read More

COVID-19 and ChurchTrac

Josh TrentAnnouncements

Like you, ChurchTrac is having to make some adjustments to our normal procedures in response to the COVID-19 virus. We are taking this threat very seriously, and we want to assist you however we can during this time. First, please know we will always do our best to provide tech support for you and your ministry. We have precautions in … Read More

Spring Has Sprung


Last October we released our biggest update to ChurchTrac since…well…ChurchTrac. 😂 As much as we all wanted to take a few months to hibernate and relax, we knew that there was too much work to be done. The truth is, we’ve been doing a lot of pondering about our church management software these past few months. We’ve been asking questions … Read More

Checklist: Our Latest User-Defined Field


To all of our list makers (you know who you are)…we have a great new User-Defined Field for you. It’s called Checklist. If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep a running list on things, this may just be the greatest invention since…lists. In all seriousness, Checklist is a great way to keep track of information on your … Read More

Text Messaging Announcement


If you currently use ChurchTrac text messaging or are thinking about using it, this announcement about Toll-Free numbers is for you. As of right now, most cell carriers are blocking mass text messaging from local area numbers. This is due to a large amount of fraud and abuse that has taken place over the years via text messaging. If you … Read More

Love is an Action


“With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” Ephesians 4:2-3 With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we thought this verse was a perfect follow-up to our previous post of “Why Most Church Software is Overrated“. In that post, we said something so good … Read More