Creating Paid Events


Did you know that you can create events for your people to register for and accept payment? Whether it’s for a camp, a concert, and even a women’s or men’s event. Here’s how you do it… Step 1: Create Your Event and go to “Setup and Registrations” When creating your event, be sure to include your basic info like Title, … Read More

Connecting SongSelect to ChurchTrac


We’re all about working smart and saving lots of time here at ChurchTrac. That’s why we’ve integrated SongSelect into our Worship|Scheduling Screen. With SongSelect, you can add a song to your library in as little as 8 seconds. Seriously! What is SongSelect? SongSelect is a third-party database of Christian music from CCLI. Depending on which plan you’ve purchased from SongSelect, … Read More

Linking Your Form Cards


Did you know that you can directly link to a Form Card within Church Connect? That’s right! You can copy the URL directly from a link card and paste that URL to….well…almost anywhere.   Why Link Form Cards? Form cards are a fantastic way to get information from your people. Whether it’s prayer requests, signups, connect cards, & more! By … Read More

Scheduling Reminders


I fumbled for my keys in the rain, trying not to drop my full cup of coffee. By the time I found the auditorium key, my over jacket was drenched. I set it aside and began turning on the lights to get the stage prepped and ready for our morning rehearsal. “It’s going to be a great Sunday,” I thought … Read More

New Feature: Transpose Chords


Now you and your worship team can transpose and create chord charts directly from the Song Library. Here’s how you do it… Step 1: Select the song you wish to add/create a chord chart for and click the”Lyrics | Chords” tab.   Step 2: Paste your Chord Chart into the editor and select “Transpose/Print” Note: If needed, you can expand … Read More

New Update: Importing Giving Transactions from, Subsplash, and PushPay


If you are currently using, Subsplash, or PushPay… Listen Up! 👂 We’ve now made it even easier to import your giving transactions into ChurchTrac. Here’s how you do it: Step 1: Export your giving transactions to a CSV file from your giving platform (, Subsplash, or PushPay) Step 2: Go to the ChurchTrac Giving Screen, Add a new giving … Read More

Teams + Roles = Tags


Months ago, we said that People Tags are “the future of database organization“. With our latest release of ChurchTrac Worship & Scheduling, we’ve built upon the foundation of People Tags with the introduction of Teams & Roles. This is going to save you TONS of time (and your sanity) as you schedule your volunteers for things like Worship, Children’s Ministry, … Read More

Creating a VBS Event Card


As some of us begin to hold services again, we’re getting prepared for another season of VBS. With ChurchTrac, you can create a VBS event and manage all the signups in one place. This is especially helpful as many of our people may still be worshiping remote do to COVID. Giving them the option to register remotely can help with … Read More

Upcoming June Webinars


With the release of our new Worship & Scheduling features, we will be holding multiple webinars to showcase them. Each webinar has a limited number of spots, so register today! Introduction to Worship & Scheduling | June 9th | 11 am What we’ll cover in this webinar: Adding Songs and Managing a Song Library Building a Worship outline and using … Read More