New to ChurchTrac? Let’s Chat!


Every month, hundreds of ministries across the world try our church management software for the very first time. Whether looking for a way to Check-In their children or accept donations with our Online Giving, every ministry shares the common goal of simplifying the way they do church. In our efforts to simplify the process of learning new church software, we … Read More

Giving Update: Importing Transactions


If you’re using another Online Giving platform like Tithely, Supsplash, Vanco, or Pushpay… then we have some great news for you! We have now simplified the process of importing your giving transactions into the ChurchTrac Giving Screen. Now, you can simply drag and drop your export CSV file directly into ChurchTrac, and let ChurchTrac import all of the transactions and … Read More

5 Ways To Keep Our Children’s Ministry Safe


We know firsthand that the children’s ministry is often one of the busiest places around the church. It doesn’t matter if we have 3 or 300 kids…the children’s ministry always seems to be the place where things are happening FAST and LOUD. Though the children’s ministry isn’t up on a stage, it has an impact that reaches deeper than any … Read More

Should My Children’s Ministry Perform Background Checks?


YES Every Children’s ministry should perform criminal background checks of ALL volunteers, workers, staff, and leadership. This applies to ministries of all sizes. Why should I perform background checks? Performing criminal background checks are about safety and liability. In terms of safety, we do not want to have an individual working with or in close proximity to children that have … Read More

7 Myths That Cause People To Leave ChurchTrac


Myths are stories or perceived facts that just aren’t true. We’ve all heard someone say… “Pastors only work one day a week“… Myths thrive because people make assumptions without taking the time to find out the facts. Here at ChurchTrac, we know that feeling firsthand. Despite the hundreds of new ministries joining our family every month, we do see some … Read More

Creating Church Budgets


Church Budgets are not something we would classify as “fun” and “exciting“. Unless you’re the type of person that loves using spreadsheets on a regular basis, budgets can be boring or even overwhelming! Like a well-balanced diet, budgets are necessary when it comes to the health of our church. If you find yourself struggling to make a church budget, or … Read More

Family Check-In: Printer Setup


Family Check-in (AKA Child Check-In) is the best way to keep your children’s ministry safe and secure. It only requires 2 things: A computer and a printer. When it comes to computers, we’re not all going to agree on which to use. Some people prefer PC’s, while others like Mac or ios. In this day in age, it’s just a … Read More

Text Messaging In Church: Check Before You Send


Text messaging is such a powerful tool for reaching our church people. In fact, we would argue that it’s the MOST effective method for reaching your church. In our last article about texting, we pulled a statistic from pew research claiming that 99% of text messages are opened in 5 minutes or less. That’s a pretty crazy statistic! When it comes to … Read More

What Should I Text My Church? 5 Ideas.


There’s no question that SMS texting for churches is important. According to Pew Research, 81% of Americans text regularly. Of those that text, 99% of their messages are opened in 5 minutes or less. That’s wild! If we know most of our church people text and will open their messages very quickly… what should we text them? Here are some great … Read More

Coming Back To Church: 7 Great Takeaways


The church never stopped because many of us couldn’t physically meet. We just had to adapt and change how we met and did ministry. Ministries began zooming, streaming, podcasting, and going throwback 70’s style with the “revival tents” in outdoor services.  What initially seemed like a scary time for all of us, quickly became an opportunity to do things like… … Read More