2 Reasons You Should Be Using Child Check-In


Last month we talked about The 7 Things You Should Be Doing With ChurchTrac. The Child Check-In feature of ChurchTrac is one of the features we think all churches should be using.


It starts with safety 

By using Child Check-In (CCI for short), you have a definitive plan in place to keep your children safe. With CCI, you can do things like:

  • Specify and allergies or special needs a child may have.
  • Keep a real-time record of who is and isn’t checked out.
  • Only have children checked out by the approved individual(s).
  • Have a unique identifier to use when parents/guardians are needed.
  • Have emergency contact information.

Not only does CCI help ensure the safety of children, but it helps the safety of the church. Anything that happens on our watch as a church is our liability. All it takes is one lawsuit to end an entire church or damage its reputation. Having a strict CCI helps keep your church from being vulnerable to this.

It’s all about perception

Here’s the reality. You may have an amazing children’s ministry. You could have stellar training for your workers and background checks on a regular basis. You can tell parents over and over that their kids are safe with you. But…actions speak louder than words.

Having a solid Check-In process shows them that you know what you’re doing. Asking about allergies, special needs, and emergency contact info will help put their mind at ease. This is especially true for Guests that come to your church. One of the biggest determining factors of whether or not a guest will return is their perception of your ministry. Young families especially place a higher priority on the Children’s Ministry of your church. If they feel in any way their children’s safety is at risk or you don’t have it together, they will not come back.


If you have yet to use ChurchTrac’s Child Check-In feature, go ahead and start today. You can learn more about it HERE.

No matter the size of your children’s ministry or the skill level of your volunteers, Child Check-In will greatly improve your church’s safety and radically improve how members and guests perceive your children’s ministry.