2 Ways To Lower Your Online Giving Fees


If you’re using ChurchTrac for your Church Online Giving (or are thinking about it), then you’re probably aware of the fees associated with taking donations online. Though they are minimal, there are things that you can do to help ensure that your church/ministry isn’t losing out on money that’s being donated.

Here are 2 ways you can maximize your church online donations:

1. Encourage people to donate via ACH

ACH transactions have a flat fee of only 25 cents per transaction, whereas debit/credit cards carry a fee of 30 cents per transaction and an average fee of 2.9%. Let’s look at the amount your church/ministry would bring in for a $100 donation…

ACH: ($100 – .$0.25) = $99.75

Credit: $100 – ($100*2.9%) – $.30 = $96.80

The difference between ACH and credit/debit cards is $2.95. Now imagine if your church saved that much for let’s say… 50 transactions per month. That’s $147.50! Multiply that by 12 months and we’re looking at $1,770 😮 That’s enough money to repaint your worship center, buy a new soundboard, recarpet your nursery, or give to those in great need. 😊

Moral of the story: use ACH whenever possible. Since ChurchTrac has recurring ACH giving, it’s pretty much a no brainer. Oh yea…with our built-in Plaid Integration, you can speed up your ACH transactions with quick verify. You’re welcome 🙌

2. Get special Non-Profit pricing

If your ministry has a 501c3, you may be eligible for Stripe’s Non-Profit pricing. This will lower your rate for credit/debit card transactions. To get this pricing, you will need to reach out to Stripe with:

  • Your EIN, or a letter from the IRS designating your 501(c)(3) status
  • Confirmation of the primary email address associated with your Stripe Account
  • Confirmation that greater than 80% of your payment volume will be tax-deductible donations.

Learn more about this HERE

One More Thing

Ask your people to cover the fees if they’re using debit/credit card. This will save your ministry 🚢 Boat Loads of $$$.


We hope this helps your ministry. We can’t wait to hear about all the things you can do with all that money $$$ that you save!

Till next time 👋