6 Reasons Nobody Goes To Your Church Website


Here at ChurchTrac, we probably see 20 different church websites every day. Doing the math, that means we see roughly 5,000 church websites per year! We’ve seen it all too. From amazing sites that are informative and easy to navigate… to sites that have unreadable neon fonts with a banner from a spaghetti dinner that happened in 2012. We’re not even … Read More

You Got Served [Avoiding Ministry Burnout Part 3]


Having a basketball hit you in the face at 126 mph is a humbling experience. Sure…I might be exaggerating the speed a little bit. The truth is, I got hit so hard by that ball you could see the “W” from the Wilson logo almost perfectly imprinted on my forehead. Not even kidding! It happened when I went to make … Read More

[Announcement] Churches Using Avast Or AVG Antivirus


It was brought to our attention that a small number of ChurchTrac Users are receiving a message from their antivirus software that ChurchTrac is a threat. Below is an example of what this looks like: We are working with Avast and AVG to correct this false positive that some of our users are experiencing. In the meantime, you can whitelist … Read More

Gather ‘Round The Table [Avoiding Ministry Burnout Part 2]


This is part 2 of our 3 part series on avoiding ministry burnout. In part 1, we talked about enjoying the fruits of our labors by treating ourselves. Today, we are going to focus on family. The Table Throughout my early childhood, my family ate dinner together almost every night at the dining table. There were no cell phones. The TV … Read More