January Jetpack


Hey ChurchTrackers 👋 We’ve been making quite a few upgrades lately, and they just launched today. You can expect to see a significant speed bump in the software. Whether you’re generating reports, creating Smart Lists, or just navigating around… It’s crazy fast! These speed upgrades will help save you some time. Less time on the screen means more time with … Read More

Oh Canada! We have an update.


To our Canadian churches, We have just released an update that will produce unique serial numbers for your contribution statements. All you have to do is have the Canadian ID in the Report Settings. When you run a Contribution Statement, the unique serial number will populate automatically. This will meet the tax requirements by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). This … Read More

Payroll YTD Update


We’re working on a new movie, and it’s featuring…. Just kidding. We don’t make movies. We’re not that cool. But, we do have a new feature in ChurchTrac. We have added Year To Date on Payroll stubs. Now, all your employees are able to see this and know exactly how much they are making, how much they’ve paid in and … Read More