Palm Sunday: The Middle Child of Church Services


In the church realm, the Easter and Christmas services are always the most chattered about. It’s for good reason since the’re usually a time of influx of new guests that step foot into our churches. But what about Palm Sunday? Easter seems to always overshadow Palm Sunday. Like the middle child, Palm Sunday is a service we all know about, … Read More

Every Service Is Easter


We don’t need to tell you how big of a deal Easter is.  You know it. We know it.  Everyone knows it. We’re all hands on deck as we prepare to have an influx of people step into our churches. Whether it’s a nearby neighbor, a visiting family member, or your “chreasters” (Members that only show up on Christmas and … Read More

Congregation Access Is Now “Member Access”


Originally we were going to make the title of this blog “Member Access Is No More”. But…we realized that would be very misleading and we would get a TON of support tickets yelling at us for taking away such an important feature. Today we simply changed the name of Congregation Access to Member Access. Just a name change…that’s it. Why the … Read More

Connect Card Hack: Get The Info You Need


One of the best ways to keep track of and follow-up with guests is to have them fill out a guest card or a “connect card”. A while back we talked about how to make the best connect card. We recently came across a little hack that could help take it to the next level for many churches. Most connect cards … Read More