5 Reasons to use Worship|Scheduling


ChurchTrac is packed with a lot of great features to help you plan your worship services and schedule volunteers. Because there are so many great things that are included, it’s hard to really outline every single feature and what it’s capable of. So instead, we’ll highlight our top 5!

Our 5 favorite Worship & Scheduling Features:

1. Side-By-Side

Side-By-Side enables you to view up to 4 services at once. This is perfect for planning out your worship services for a month at a time. You can also use Side-By-Side to compare a previous service to one that you’re creating. Think Christmas, Easter, and more!

2. Move & Copy Between Services

Within Side-By-Side, you can move and copy your service elements, songs, and even people between services. The moving feature is especially helpful when it comes to scheduling your volunteers. Have a Children’s Church Worker that needs to swap weeks? No problem! Just move them between services.

3. SMS Scheduling Requests

Let’s face it, not everyone checks their email regularly. Even if they do, there’s a good chance their inbox has a dozen other emails that can cause your scheduling email to go unseen. You can opt to send scheduling requests via SMS to your people. This helps you know who can and cannot serve faster!

4. Scheduling Reminders

When planning worship or scheduling people for events, we often plan a few weeks in advance. But sometimes when you schedule far out, this can happen…

With SMS Scheduling Reminders, you can avoid having this happen to you. ChurchTrac can automatically send a scheduling reminder to your people so that they are in the know. You can set a reminder to send 1-4 days in advance. You’re welcome 😀


5. Collections

With Collections, you can create different groups of songs within your Song Library. Create Collections for Hymns, Christmas, or just create a collection of your favorite songs!


How do I start using the Worship|Scheduling Features?

Worship|Scheduling is included with every ChurchTrac Plus Subscription. Get started by clicking the Worship|Scheduling button on your menu. Not a ChurchTrac Plus Subscriber? You can still click the Worship|Scheduling button to upgrade your membership to enjoy these great features.


One last thing…

We’ve done a few webinars showcasing some of these new great features. Go to our Youtube Channel to view them and start enjoying the Worship|Scheduling Screen today!

Till next time 👋