7 Myths That Cause People To Leave ChurchTrac


Myths are stories or perceived facts that just aren’t true. We’ve all heard someone say… Pastors only work one day a week

Myths thrive because people make assumptions without taking the time to find out the facts. Here at ChurchTrac, we know that feeling firsthand. Despite the hundreds of new ministries joining our family every month, we do see some ministries leave us too. When we ask the reason why, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, sometimes we just shake our heads 🤦‍♂️. That brings us to…

7 Myths That Cause People To Leave ChurchTrac

Myth #1: ChurchTrac costs more than So-and-So

We sometimes hear that a customer is moving to a different platform to save on their monthly or annual expenses….but the company that they are switching to costs more than ChurchTrac! Unfortunately, many Church Software companies don’t post their prices, and you don’t know what it really costs until you’re stuck in a contract or expensive monthly payments. In many cases, we see these same ministries come back to us a few months or a year later. See how we compare.

At ChurchTrac, we approach things differently. We don’t exist to make millions of dollars from churches….our mission is to help churches with their mission. Your ministry is our ministry. For that reason, we’ve created ChurchTrac to give you the greatest features at the lowest possible cost.

Myth #2: ChurchTrac doesn’t have an “Unlimited” option

Actually, we do. Sometimes we hear about a customer choosing a competitor over us because the competitor allows unlimited names. Hey, we do that too….but for less money. Unlike others, we don’t have just a single one-size-fits-all expensive package. If you don’t need unlimited names, we also offer several lower name-count packages to help your ministry save even more. Our philosophy is: The smaller your church, the less you pay.

Myth #3: ChurchTrac is difficult to use

We’ve worked hard to make our software really easy to use, even for people who are “non-techy”. Capterra consistently rates us as the #1 most user-friendly church software, year after year after year. The competition doesn’t even come close when it comes to how quickly you can complete tasks like adding people, texting your church, child check-in & more.

Myth #4: ChurchTrac is only for small churches

Is ChurchTrac the preferred ChMS for small churches? Absolutely! That being said, there are thousands of medium-sized and large churches that trust us too! As it turns out, churches of all sizes really like our simple approach to making church management software easy-to-use. What they LOVE ❤️ even more is the value they get for the price!

Myth #5: ChurchTrac can only do basic contribution tracking

Actually, we also have Online Giving. Best of all, ours is among the most affordable out there (you might be seeing a trend here). Online giving works seamlessly with our Church Connect portal, allowing your members and donors access to their giving history and so much more. (Church Connect is a free-for-you bonus that we give to all our customers….it really is worth a look!) We also include Text Giving without adding anything extra to your monthly cost. Yes, you read that correctly. If you happen to use a different online giving provider, that’s no problem. We can import online giving records from several popular providers. It’s no surprise that we see new churches switch to our online giving platform every day.

Myth #6: We need a feature that ChurchTrac doesn’t have

ChurchTrac is a powerful ministry tool that has almost every feature you could imagine. ChurchTrac has Child Check-In, Worship Planning, Volunteer Scheduling, Mass Text Messaging, Church Accounting–plus all the other regular stuff you’d expect any church software package to offer. If you need it, ChurchTrac most likely has it.


Myth #7: ChurchTrac doesn’t have great support

That’s just crazy talk! Part of what makes our software so easy-to-use is the free support that’s included. We have Youtube videos, support docs, webinars, and blog posts to help you get the most out of ChurchTrac. When you need to talk to a real person, you can create a support ticket or schedule a phone call with someone on our amazing support team. Free support is included with all ChurchTrac plans, even the FREE plan! And unlike a 2013 Toyota Prius, our support team is super fast too! #Winning 🙌



Though we really appreciate that one review saying we’re the “Perfect Church Management Software“, there is no perfect ChMS for all churches. That being said, we’re always working hard to make ChurchTrac better. You can see this with our powerful features, super simplicity, and our support team made up of real humans.

Till next time 👋