All Aboard the ChurchTrac Express

Weston WilliamsonResources

When we set out to make ChurchTrac years ago, we wanted it to be an all-in-one solution that could help churches on multiple fronts.

We know firsthand that churches can be complex places. You have everything from Sunday schools, church services, youth groups, musicians, finances, child care, preaching, and sometimes multiple events throughout the week. If you don’t have all your leadership kept in the loop of what’s going on…things can get crazy!

To help you avoid the craziness, ChurchTrac is a valuable tool which helps your leadership and people all be kept on the same page. We think it’s important that your communication is clear and heard by all. The best way to do this is by having all of your leadership actively using ChurchTrac.

We have found that when all of your leadership is active on one platform, it helps them avoid confusion and enables them to band together to create consistency. We come across churches quite often that are using multiple paid softwares to do various functions at the church when they could be using just one! Why pay to have one software for giving, another for attendance, and one for child check-ins when ChurchTrac can do it all? Not only are you fragmenting your ministries by doing this, but you most likely are wasting money that could be spent on getting those sweet new choir robes your worship leader has been asking for!

The new year is coming… and now is a great time to reevaluate all the software/services that you are spending your money on. Now is the time to get your team on board so they can communicate and plan better for the New Year. What’s that you say…you need a tool to help you with worship planning? Our Beta of WorshipTrac is launching next week to help you Plan Worship Right!

To learn more about WorshipTrac visit the site HERE.

If you’re not using ChurchTrac yet…start your free trial today! You can compare our prices HERE and see how much money we can save your church going into the New Year!