April Updates


We’ve released multiple improvements and updates over the weekend to make ChurchTrac even better. Here are the biggest 3 of those updates…

Cover the fees

Now you can choose whether or not you want to give your donors the option to cover the processing fees. If you want to give this option to your donors, make sure this option is checked.

Better Online Giving Import

ChurchTrac can now easily import your CSV files from PushPay and Subsplash. Have another platform that you’re using that you want to be able to import? Reach out to us and we’ll try to add it to our list.

Unmatched Donations

ChurchTrac now prompts you in the Giving Screen to match giving entries that have yet to be matched.

But that’s just the beginning…

We’re still adding features and improvements to make ChurchTrac even more amazing. We’ve got some big plans for the summer!

Till next time 👋