Webinar- Replacing your Website with Church Connect


Did you know Church Connect is a full-fledged web site for your church that’s built right into ChurchTrac? We’ve seen hundreds of churches already make the transition from a traditional website to using Church Connect as their new main site. In this webinar, we’re going to discuss: How Church Connect is different from a conventional web page. The best Cards … Read More

Church Connect Show and Tell


Church Connect has only been out for just over a month and we’ve already seen hundreds of ministries start creating Connect Cards and making some pretty neat Connect Pages. We couldn’t help but think… “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we did a webinar that gave our ministries a chance to show off their Connect Pages?” Soo…that’s what we’re doing! We’re … Read More

April Updates


We’ve released multiple improvements and updates over the weekend to make ChurchTrac even better. Here are the biggest 3 of those updates… Cover the fees Now you can choose whether or not you want to give your donors the option to cover the processing fees. If you want to give this option to your donors, make sure this option is … Read More

How To Ask People To Give Without Asking Them To Give

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Giving is down…and it’s not just now.  It’s been trending down for quite some time. A quick web search will show you mountains of non-profit giving data and hundreds of blog posts that talk about it. It’s not a secret. For some pastors, it’s always on the back of their minds. We’re not here to address the root of why … Read More

The Remote Church- Easter


 It doesn’t really feel like Easter That’s what my mother said to me yesterday on the phone. I know she’s not alone. With the absence of all the hubbub and Easter festivities, some of us are really struggling with feeling like it’s Easter. We’re disconnected from our church people and many of us are not getting to spend time with our … Read More

The Remote Church- Before You Use ZOOM


If your Church/Ministry is using ZOOM or any other meeting platform for your remote worship services, bible studies, and meetups… PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! We have heard reports of hundreds of churches experiencing “zoombombing” in just the past week. We personally have had conversations with churches and schools that have experienced this misfortune in just the past few days. What is … Read More

Online Giving Webinar


This Wednesday, we will be holding webinars for ChurchTrac Online Giving. If you have not started using ChurchTrac Online Giving, just recently started using ChurchTrac Online Giving, or want to learn more about our new Online Giving Features…this webinar is for YOU! For this webinar, we’re going to cover… Why you should be using Online Giving and its benefits How … Read More

Church Connect Webinars


A couple days ago we launched Church Connect. From countless phone calls and demos with pastors…we knew it was going to be a big deal. As we anticipated, hundreds of ministries have jumped right in and started using their Connect Page for Online Giving, registering for events, submitting forms and more! We will be holding 30 minute Webinars to showcase … Read More

COVID-19 and ChurchTrac

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Like you, ChurchTrac is having to make some adjustments to our normal procedures in response to the COVID-19 virus. We are taking this threat very seriously, and we want to assist you however we can during this time. First, please know we will always do our best to provide tech support for you and your ministry. We have precautions in … Read More

Spring Has Sprung


Last October we released our biggest update to ChurchTrac since…well…ChurchTrac. 😂 As much as we all wanted to take a few months to hibernate and relax, we knew that there was too much work to be done. The truth is, we’ve been doing a lot of pondering about our church management software these past few months. We’ve been asking questions … Read More