Just Released: ChurchTrac Scheduling!


Scheduling volunteers is never an easy task. We do our best by creating rotations, email chains, group texts, and more. Despite all this hard work, we often find ourselves reaching out to people last minute to fill in for a position. Now with ChurchTrac Scheduling, you can your time (and your sanity) by creating Teams, assigning Roles, sending out scheduling … Read More

Just Released: ChurchTrac Worship Planning!


The average church person doesn’t know what all go into planning a worship service. It’s about more than just “picking songs” as they say. It’s our job as worship leaders to lead our people in through music, scripture, prayer, preaching, and more! This requires lots of prayer, planning, and the right tools. That’s where ChurchTrac Worship comes in. ChurchTrac Worship … Read More

Giving Update- ACH Multiple Categories


We’re proud to announce our latest update for ChurchTrac Online Giving. Your donors can now give to multiple categories via ACH. Check out the screenshot below: Why this is great? In the past, donors would have to create a different ACH transaction for each category they wanted to give to. This added to the complexity of how many giving transactions … Read More

Interactive Devotionals with Church Connect

ChurchTracFeatures, Resources

Everybody loves a good devotional. They’re like little nuggets of truth that we can apply to our daily lives. Chances are, you and your church people all have one or two that you like to read on a regular basis.  Right now there are a multitude of devotionals available. Whether it’s a daily women’s bible study with Beth Moore, a daily … Read More

How To Ask People To Give Without Asking Them To Give

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Giving is down…and it’s not just now.  It’s been trending down for quite some time. A quick web search will show you mountains of non-profit giving data and hundreds of blog posts that talk about it. It’s not a secret. For some pastors, it’s always on the back of their minds. We’re not here to address the root of why … Read More

Customize your Connect Page URL


Just a couple days ago, our developers pushed an update that now allows you to customize your Church Connect Link URL. Now you can select a keyword for your church to customize your sub-domain. This now makes it easy to quickly tell your people your Connect Page URL in person. To customize your URL, go to SETTINGS > CHURCH CONNECT … Read More

Online Giving Updates


Online Giving has had some serious upgrades to go along with Church Connect. These upgrades are a HUGE deal for ministries using ChurchTrac Online Giving and ministries that are considering Online Giving. Here’s what they are… 1. Online Giving and Church Connect share the same login If you are using Church Connect, your people will give through your Connect Page. … Read More

Checklist: Our Latest User-Defined Field


To all of our list makers (you know who you are)…we have a great new User-Defined Field for you. It’s called Checklist. If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep a running list on things, this may just be the greatest invention since…lists. In all seriousness, Checklist is a great way to keep track of information on your … Read More

The 7 Most Popular Features of ChurchTrac


We often get asked the question… “What does ChurchTrac do?” To this we often reply… “What does your ministry need?” Because ChurchTrac is filled with so many features, it can be a challenge to explain them all in less than a minute. Every ministry is different, and some features in ChurchTrac may not be necessary for them. Here’s a list … Read More

Cloning Budgets


Besides saving our churches money, we like to save them time too. After all, time is the one thing you can’t buy. Planning out budgets takes time. Especially for a church! That’s why we have an awesome feature that lets you clone previous budgets. How to clone a budget Go to your GIVING SCREEN and select the BUDGETS TAB. From … Read More