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We know that no matter how User-Friendly software is, change isn’t always easy. That’s why we work hard to provide you with the best support possible to help you learn how to navigate through the ins and outs of ChurchTrac. Between our Online User-Guide and our Support Team, we have got your back! The ChurchTrac support team is now available … Read More

June Updates and Fixes


As much as we would like to take some mid-afternoon naps at the beach, we’ve been fixing some things and adding a few subtle changes to the software. Fixes:  We’ve corrected an issue that some users were having with User-Defined Fields Reports. Updates:  The donate as a guest link on the giving page is now the same size as the … Read More

User-Defined Fields VS Tags


After coming out with our Tags feature for People, we got to thinking about how far we’ve come technologically with how we organize data in the church. Back in the days before computers, we as churches relied on lots of paper. Sadly, many trees were massacred in the name of attendance and financial records. Paper had one BIG limitation though; … Read More

Tag. You’re It!


We are excited to release a HUGE feature for the ChurchTrac People Screen. It’s called :drumroll please:…. TAGS. Tags are a quick and easy way to label your people by any characteristic of your choosing. Here’s how it works… Let’s say you have members that are on your Hospitality Team and members that are a part of your Greeter Team. … Read More

Oh Canada! We have an update.


To our Canadian churches, We have just released an update that will produce unique serial numbers for your contribution statements. All you have to do is have the Canadian ID in the Report Settings. When you run a Contribution Statement, the unique serial number will populate automatically. This will meet the tax requirements by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). This … Read More

Payroll YTD Update


We’re working on a new movie, and it’s featuring…. Just kidding. We don’t make movies. We’re not that cool. But, we do have a new feature in ChurchTrac. We have added Year To Date on Payroll stubs. Now, all your employees are able to see this and know exactly how much they are making, how much they’ve paid in and … Read More

The Interactive Map: Our Christmas Gift To You


On this Christmas Eve, we are excited to announce our new awesome feature: Interactive Map With the Interactive Map Beta, you can view on a map where all of your people live within reference to your church. This amazing tool gives you and your leadership the ability to take your ministry to a whole new level! Some real world applications of … Read More

Stretching Your Leadership


When I was a kid, Stretch Armstrong was all the rage. Who would have thought that a stretchy figurine would grab the attention of 10-year old boys for hours on end? This was obviously before the days of iPads and iPhones. My friends and I made it our mission to find Mr. Armstrong’s breaking point for weeks. Fortunately for him…he … Read More

How to cut down your church email


Back in the day… When email first became mainstream, it was an exciting thing. I vividly remember dialing out to the internet and waiting for those 3 magical words “you’ve got mail”. This was a simpler time when the only messages we got were from family, close friends or an occasional marketer. The inbox was easy-to-use and didn’t have all … Read More

2 Reasons You Should Be Using Child Check-In


Last month we talked about The 7 Things You Should Be Doing With ChurchTrac. The Child Check-In feature of ChurchTrac is one of the features we think all churches should be using. Why? It starts with safety  By using Child Check-In (CCI for short), you have a definitive plan in place to keep your children safe. With CCI, you can … Read More