The 7 Things You Should Be Doing With ChurchTrac


As you already know…ChurchTrac is LOADED with some really great features. Some of the best features that we’re proud of started with simple ideas from churches just like yours. For that, we want to say THANK YOU ūüôĆ. As churches start using the software, one of the most common questions we get asked is “What features should I be using?” … Read More

New Upgrades


Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to upgrade our infrastructure. Did we deprive ourselves of sleep? -A little bit. Did we stress eat Chick-Fil-A Biscuits to¬†meet our¬†deadline? -No comment. Needless to say, we are super excited about about these upgrades! What does it mean for you? Without getting into the techno mumbo jumbo…it means … Read More

ChurchTrac Events- More Than Just A Calendar.


If you’ve been in ministry for any period of time, then you know how important it is to live off of your calendar! When I was just getting started in ministry years ago, I was never a planner. The mindset that “I’ll take each day as it comes” perfectly described me. That mindset stopped really quickly when I double booked … Read More

Recent Updates


Over the past few days, we have released a series of updates within the ChurchTrac infrastructure. Because of this, we have found a small number of users may be experiencing trouble sending voice and text messages. We have found that resetting the cache on your web browser will remedy the issue for those users. If you do not know how … Read More

Preparing For Easter

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After having a month to recuperate from a busy Christmas and New Years, It’s time to prepare for Easter! Easter is an important time of year to reflect and celebrate the Love of our God. Many of us can expect a large influx of visitors to walk through our church doors to take part in worship with us. Like you, … Read More

Same Program…Different Look


One thing that many of our customers love about ChurchTrac is that we give you the ability to choose from a great selection of different color themes. What you may not know is that we also give you the ability to change up more than just the colors of ChurchTrac! As you know…ChurchTrac by default looks like this:   But…if … Read More

Online Giving With ChurchTrac


Much how online banking has quickly become the standard for most individuals, so has online giving become the church standard for tithes and offerings. We live in a time where most people make purchases with their card as cash is becoming an inconvenience to carry. On top of this, Online Giving saves time and is safer than passing around a … Read More



When buying or selling a house there are 3 words that mean the most: location location location.¬†Okay…it’s actually just one word, but the location is so important it needs to be repeated to really emphasize this. When it comes to our churches, locations are equally important. It doesn’t matter whether your church is small or big, anytime you have an … Read More

Plan Worship Right


As you might have seen lateley, we are preparing to launch the beta of our new software geared towards worship Leaders. We are very excited to launch this powerful tool that will help worship leaders “Plan Worship Right”. What will this software look like? It will give worship leaders the tools they need to plan their worship services, schedule their … Read More

User-Defined Fields


One of the biggest benefits of using ChurchTrac is having all the information for your congregation stored in one place. But what good is that information if you don’t have a way to neatly store and sort it? Say hello to User Defined Fields! User-Defined Fields give you the ability to create your own People screen fields. This is extremely … Read More