The Truth About Open Source Church Management Software (ChMS)

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At ChurchTrac we ❤️ open source software! What is open source software? To simplify Wikipedia’s Definition, it’s software that’s “free” for anyone to use (you’ll see why we put free in quotations in a bit). Not only is it free to use, but if you’re a savvy programmer you can customize that software and make it your own. Don’t want … Read More

Best Free and Open Source Church Apps

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Running a church in the 21st century means using 21st century tools. These tools often come in the form of software applications or Apps for short. Because we love getting things for free (who doesn’t), we’ve compiled a list of our top 11 best free and open source church apps that are available now. Every single one of these apps … Read More

Why is ChurchTrac on Pinterest?

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Here at ChurchTrac, we ❤️ Pinterest. When Pinterest first came out, many of us used it for yummy recipe ideas and DIY projects around the house. Now, Pinterest is an amazing resource for almost anything you can think of. Ministry is one of those things. Despite the fact we are a Church Management Software company, we are all about ministry … Read More

4 Ways Jump The Summertime Slump

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With summertime fast approaching…we’re getting ready for vacations, trips to the beach, family visits, BBQ’s, pool parties, families moving, ice cream trucks, and the smell of freshly cut lawns. Did I miss anything? Oh ya…and our churches will be ghost towns soon! I admit, “ghost town” may be a little dramatic…but the struggle is real. Depending on your church, you may … Read More

Guests vs Visitors

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A few months ago I was looking for some mixing bowls in our church kitchen. Every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen was labeled. Whether it was utensils, pans, or cleaning supplies…everything had a place. But… I couldn’t find the mixing bowls. After about 10 minutes of frustration, I decided to open every cabinet and drawer until I could find … Read More

The Best Connect Card

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In today’s digital age…paper is still king when it comes to recording certain types of information quickly and easily. One of the best examples of this in the church is the connect card. The “connect card” has many names. Sometimes it comes in the form of a “visitor card” or a “prayer card”. Whatever the name, connect cards all serve the … Read More

Need Children’s Ministry Volunteers? Do This One Thing.

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Before I tell you how to get more Children’s Ministry volunteers, I’m going to tell you about something I hate. I HATE grocery stores. Though I’m not a list maker, I like to go into a grocery store with at least a game plan. My game plan consists of me having either a mental list or a string of text … Read More

Preparing For Easter

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After having a month to recuperate from a busy Christmas and New Years, It’s time to prepare for Easter! Easter is an important time of year to reflect and celebrate the Love of our God. Many of us can expect a large influx of visitors to walk through our church doors to take part in worship with us. Like you, … Read More

4 Things Every Church Podcast Needs

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Every day, more and more churches are embracing the idea of starting their own podcast. It’s for good reason too! Podcasting has been consistently growing at a rapid pace and churches everywhere are embracing the idea of being able to cheaply produce their own commercial-free podcasts right from their website. It’s a great way to give both your visitors and members … Read More

Should My Church Podcast?

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Podcasts have been around a while. For those of you unaware of what a podcast is, it’s basically like having your favorite radio shows available to download at any time in any place. In the same way that Tivo’s and DVR’s changed how we watch TV, podcasts have completely changed how we listen to Radio. Podcasts are rapidly growing into … Read More