Contribution Statement Checklist (5 Things)


Before you generate Contribution Statements…there are 5 things you should check over before doing so. Verify Addresses- Make sure you have current addresses for all the people that gave in 2019. The last thing you want to do is send out a Contribution Statement and have it returned because that person has moved. Upload Your Logo- If you want your church/ministry … Read More

How To Generate Contribution Statements


Despite how different our ministries may be, there is one thing they all have in common… They have to give out year-end statements/contribution statements to all of their donors. If this is your first year using ChurchTrac, you may be asking yourself “how do I print out my contribution statements”? Here’s how: Go to the Giving Screen and select the “Reports” … Read More

Support and Beyond

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We know that no matter how User-Friendly software is, change isn’t always easy. That’s why we work hard to provide you with the best support possible to help you learn how to navigate through the ins and outs of ChurchTrac. Between our Online User-Guide and our Support Team, we have got your back! The ChurchTrac support team is now available … Read More

Blessed Subtraction


Frank has been going to your church for 15 years now. He was there 2 pastors before you, and he makes sure that you know it with his backhanded compliments about your sermons.  In the worship service, Frank sits in the back in a chair all to himself by choice. He prefers to be alone in the service so that … Read More

The Passing of the Plates


The worship leader comes back onto the stage after the preaching is over. “Thank you, pastor, for that powerful message on the resurrection!”  : Regular attendees sit in silence. They know what’s about to happen: “At this time, I would like the ushers to come up as we pray over our tithes and offering.” : Men come up to the … Read More

Should My Church Have Sunday School?


This is the topic that few are willing to go near. Why? People have strong opinions on both sides and rarely take an objective approach. Much of this is mainly due to habit, conviction, or simply just preference. Ultimately, a church’s decision as to whether or not to have Sunday School is never cut and dry.  How did Sunday School … Read More

Unsplash: Free Pictures For Your Ministry


Good pictures can be hard to find when you’re wanting the perfect background for a lyric slide, a poster, or a weekly church bulletin. Sure there are many paid resources out there for relevant church media…but who wants to pay that kind of money for something that will only be seen a few times by just your congregation? Check out … Read More

8 Ways to do VBS on a Small Budget


It’s that time of year again. With VBS just around the corner for many of us, it’s an ALL HANDS ON DECK kind of deal. As the parents of our VBS kids are counting down the days to free summer daycare, some of us are gradually slipping into a state of “complete freak out” as there is still so much … Read More

Palm Sunday: The Middle Child of Church Services


In the church realm, the Easter and Christmas services are always the most chattered about. It’s for good reason since the’re usually a time of influx of new guests that step foot into our churches. But what about Palm Sunday? Easter seems to always overshadow Palm Sunday. Like the middle child, Palm Sunday is a service we all know about, … Read More

Every Service Is Easter


We don’t need to tell you how big of a deal Easter is.  You know it. We know it.  Everyone knows it. We’re all hands on deck as we prepare to have an influx of people step into our churches. Whether it’s a nearby neighbor, a visiting family member, or your “chreasters” (Members that only show up on Christmas and … Read More