2018 Payroll Update

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Good Day ChurchTrac Users, We wanted to let you know that we have recently applied updates to our Payroll module to reflect the new tax laws that were put in place at the beginning of the year. All of our tax tables are now in line with the new 2018 Publication 15 that was just recently released. You will see … Read More

Your Worship Leader Will Thank You!


There isn’t a better time than now for your worship leader to start their free trial of WorshipTrac! Why? Because ChurchTrac customers get a discount on their WorshipTrac subscription. Even without the discount, WorshipTrac already costs less than the other guys. WorshipTrac is so quick and easy to use, they’ll save TONS of time on their worship planning. WorshipTrac has … Read More

It’s Official. WORSHIPTRAC is out!


What better way to start your new year than to begin your free trial of WORSHIPTRAC today! Fueled by hours of prayer, a quarter million lines of code, gallons of coffee, and more Chick-fil-A sandwiches than we would like to disclose…our team has finished making the first release of WorshipTrac. It’s built for speed and has the powerful features you … Read More

Payroll Updates and News (12/27/2017)

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With the new tax bill being signed into law, there will obviously be changes made to the way taxes are withheld and filed. We, at ChurchTrac, are doing our best to provide you with a payroll module that is up to date and leaves you the least room for mistakes. This is what we want you to know: The changes … Read More

ChurchTrac Can Go Anywhere


Did you know that ChurchTrac is responsive? This means it can easily be used on any device from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone! All the device needs is a browser and an internet connection. This is great because you don’t need to worry about downloading a special app just to use ChurchTrac on the go. Many of … Read More

Payroll and Tax Reform 2018

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We, at ChurchTrac, strive to give you the best tools for ministry at a price that you can afford. We have been achieving this successfully for well over ten years. In an effort to do that, we do our best to keep you, our partners in ministry, informed the best we can regarding the application. If you are not aware, … Read More

Remembering Hope.


Today marks the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attack in the United States. I vividly remember the sight of seeing the airplanes colliding with those great buildings. Seeing that fear in the eyes of my fellow man reminded me how precious each breath we are given truly is. What really stuck with me the most wasn’t the sight of seeing … Read More

Prepared for the storm.


As Floridians, we know a thing or two out preparing for hurricanes. It’s kind of the nature of the beast when the majority of us live within 30 miles of the coast! Storms have shaped us Floridians over the years. We build our homes a little differently from other states to survive high winds. There are specific flood zones and … Read More

Do you know we have text giving?


Many of you know that we offer online giving, but did you know we also have text giving? Text giving allows your donors to quickly give any amount by sending a quick text message from their phone. Best of all–this feature is included with your subscription! Other companies charge as much as $60 a month just to have this kind … Read More