Checklist: Our Latest User-Defined Field


To all of our list makers (you know who you are)…we have a great new User-Defined Field for you. It’s called Checklist.

If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep a running list on things, this may just be the greatest invention since…lists.

In all seriousness, Checklist is a great way to keep track of information on your people. We foresee many ministries using the checklist to keep track of things like a member progression, mission trip checklist, VBS checklist and more. Here’s one we created called “Member Progression”.

Making a Checklist

1. To make a new Checklist, go to your People Screen and select the “User Defined Fields” tab. Click “Add a User Defined Field”.

2. We’re naming our Checklist “Member Progression” and selecting the “Checklist” field type. Click “Add Field” when done.

3. Once created, go ahead and edit your checklist.

4. After you create your Checklist items, you’re ready to start using the Checklist.

When making your Checklists…

Remember, User Defined Fields are visible for every single person in ChurchTrac. We do NOT recommend making an abundance of Checklists. They can start to clutter your database very quickly if not kept in check (unintentional pun). When in doubt, use this rule of thumb from our Tags User Guide:

Tags are for Organization and User-Defined Fields are for storing Information. Tags are a way to label people who have a specific trait or belong to a particular group. User-defined fields are custom fields on the People Screen that supplement the built-in fields. User-Defined Fields are best for recording information about people or families. Tags are best when you need to know if a person is in a particular group or has a particular trait.

We hope you love this new UDF as much as we do! We think they can supplement your Tags to really help you keep a clean and organized database. If you’re not a list maker, then you should check out this great video about Tags as it will probably be more of your style. 😉

Till next time 👋