ChurchTrac Events- More Than Just A Calendar.


If you’ve been in ministry for any period of time, then you know how important it is to live off of your calendar!

When I was just getting started in ministry years ago, I was never a planner. The mindset that “I’ll take each day as it comes” perfectly described me. That mindset stopped really quickly when I double booked myself for 2 major events happening at the same exact time. I ended up finding someone to fill in for me last minute…but It was very embarrassing¬†and both events were just shy of being considered a train wreck!

Because many churches hold events weekly (worship, Sunday school, small groups, and so on…), it’s important to have a good calendar program to help with all that planning. Our Calendar isn’t just any calendar though…

When creating an event, you can ask individuals or even groups of individuals if they want to join. On top of this, we’ve included the ability to create Event Fields specific to your event.

Let’s say you’re providing pizza at your next High School Bible Study. With Event Fields, you can ask if your student is bringing a friend and also ask them what their favorite pizza is. From my time in Youth Ministry…these are 2 important truths I’ve learned: wasted pizza is a travesty and nobody wants mushrooms. If I would have had this feature years ago, I could have avoided these rookie mistakes!

Another really neat Event feature we’ve built into ChurchTrac is the ability to add special event logos and even create a Registration/Response Deadline. The deadline feature is really helpful when it comes to those larger events you’re planning which require upfront payments to a vendor for lodging, food, and other things. Youth Camp is a great example of an event in which you may want to set a hard deadline due to budgetary or space limitations.

Speaking of upfront payments…did you know you can accept online payments for events? Whether you have an event for 5 participants or a large crowd of 250, accepting payments online helps you avoid the hassle of keeping up with money and makes it easier for your participants to pay with just a few clicks or taps on a mobile device.

To learn more about our advanced Event features go to our Support Page.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have 9 pizzas to order…