Congregation Access Is Now “Member Access”


Originally we were going to make the title of this blog “Member Access Is No More”.

But…we realized that would be very misleading and we would get a TON of support tickets yelling at us for taking away such an important feature.¬†Today we simply changed the name of Congregation Access to Member Access. Just a name change…that’s it.

Why the name change?

We did this mainly to create consistency with our messaging and software features. Plus congregation is a word that people are not using as much these days.

Still not using Member Access (previously known as Congregation Access)?

Start using it today and give your members the ability to see their giving history, calendar events, and even a church directory! Learn how to get started HERE.

In case you were wondering, we did do more to ChurchTrac than just a name change. We squashed some bugs and did some “stuff” behind the scenes. We’re always working hard to make ChurchTrac the BEST CHMs out there.

Stay tuned for more neat things to come.