Connect Card Hack: Get The Info You Need


One of the best ways to keep track of and follow-up with guests is to have them fill out a guest card or a “connect card”. A while back we talked about how to make the best connect card. We recently came across a little hack that could help take it to the next level for many churches.

Most connect cards ask for basic contact info. This may be name, email, phone number, and maybe a column for a prayer request. This is pretty standard and it works really well for many churches. There is one problem: many times we don’t know the preferred method of contact for that person.

Change that with one little word…


By saying “or”, you are giving your guests the option of providing the contact method of their choosing. This ensures that they are either giving you the best method to communicate with them or their preferred method. By using OR, It can make us as a church sound less pushy. I don’t know about you, but I feel a little uneasy to give a complete stranger multiple ways to communicate with me. If it’s someone I’m interested in, I’ll give them my cell phone number. If it’s someone I’m still trying to “feel out”, I’ll give them my email as it’s less intrusive for me.

On top of getting the preferred method of communication, this way of asking cuts down on the amount of writing the guest will have to make. The less a guest has to write, the more likely they are to fill out a card. It’s a Win Win!

Less is more

Getting less information from a guest may sound counter-intuitive…but it’s all about the long game. As we continue to serve them, they begin to trust us and let us know how we can better serve them. No Spidy Senses needed 😆

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