Connecting SongSelect to ChurchTrac


We’re all about working smart and saving lots of time here at ChurchTrac. That’s why we’ve integrated SongSelect into our Worship|Scheduling Screen. With SongSelect, you can add a song to your library in as little as 8 seconds. Seriously!

What is SongSelect?

SongSelect is a third-party database of Christian music from CCLI. Depending on which plan you’ve purchased from SongSelect, you can import Lyrics or Chord charts directly into ChurchTrac with our SongSelect Integration. This integration makes adding songs to your library a breeze! You can learn more about their pricing HERE.

Connecting SongSelect with ChurchTrac

To link your SongSelect account, go to the Worship|Scheduling Screen > Setup > Settings/Preferences

A separate window will open, prompting you to enter your SongSelect username and password. Go ahead and enter your credentials. After that, you can enjoy the ease of importing songs through SongSelect. 🙌

One more thing…

We’ve already added a list of popular songs that you can import. When adding a song to your library, select “Import Popular Songs” to see the list of some of our most popular songs to help you get started today!

To learn more about adding/importing songs, check out our handy Online User-Guide.

Till next time 👋