Contribution Statement Checklist (5 Things)


Before you generate Contribution Statements…there are 5 things you should check over before doing so.

  1. Verify Addresses- Make sure you have current addresses for all the people that gave in 2019. The last thing you want to do is send out a Contribution Statement and have it returned because that person has moved.
  2. Upload Your Logo- If you want your church/ministry logo on the contribution statements, you need to upload it. To upload your logo go to SETTINGS > ADMIN SETTINGS > YOUR CHURCH INFO.
  3. Current Ministry Address- You need to have your ministry/church address entered so that it appears on the statement. Do this by going to SETTINGS > ADMIN SETTINGS > YOUR CHURCH INFO.
  4. Contribution Statement Options-  To overview your Contribution Statement Options, go to SETTINGS > ADMIN SETTINGS > REPORT SETTINGS. Here you can adjust things like your address location, header, footer & more.
  5. Categories- Be sure ALL Income Categories that are used for recording contributions are marked correctly as Tax Deductible or Not Tax Deductible.

If you do these 5 things, you should be good to go for generating your Contribution Statements for last year.

We hope this little checklist helped. Till next time 👋