Creating a Pledge Campaign? Do these 3 Things.


Pledges are a valuable tool for planning out your 2020 budget, saving for a new building, or buying new equipment for your ministry.

If you manage your giving with ChurchTrac, now is the best time to take your giving to the next level by creating a new pledge campaign.

Why create a Pledge Campaign?

If you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

When you create a Pledge Campaign, you create a target for your people to hit. This helps give them direction and transparency about what it is your ministry is wanting to accomplish. Be transparent about how much you’re shooting for, why you’re shooting for it, and what ministry will be accomplished because of it. If we’re asking our people to pledge and go above and beyond with their finances, we need to go above and beyond in our transparency.

3 Things Every Pledge Campain needs
  1. A unique Pledge Category- A must for all pledges. Learn how to make categories HERE.
  2. Campaign end date- All pledges need an end date. You don’t give to a 2020 pledge in 2021 do you?
  3. Individual pledges- Pledges are done by individual, not family.

As you track your people’s giving, it will automatically appear in the Pledge Overview Report and the Individual Pledge Statement.

Till next time 👋